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By Esqui
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I've enabled avatars on a purely trial basis. It's only remotely linked avatars (not gonna eat into Merk's precious storage). Usual rules apply (nothing dodgy, please). And then we shall see if it's a good idea or not. Oh, and the size is 100x100 max, currently.

Don't worry, the twat won't be there for long.

Please leave comments you have here.
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By jonboy
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Firstly, I've had to bleach my eyes for having seen that hideous bastard there, so I'm already disgusted.
Secondly- a possibly good idea, unless I see images of bell ends like him, and the rest of these unsavoury types. ... ge_id=1772
Thirdly- I didn't know Sylvester McCoy was a Mail columnist.
Fourthly- there is no fourthly.
By hel
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jonboy wrote:
hel wrote:
PeteNattress wrote:It's me and my best buddy!
bet he enjoys that...
You can see a faint smile on Littledong's face, as if another man had relieved himself inside of him.
which probably happens to him in public loos quite regularly, seeing how knowledgeable he seems to be about the subject...
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