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Will Paul Dacre Resign if Blair stays until June

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Littlejohn for PM
The Mail says vote for the BNP
By Paul
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Wounded Blair takes the money and runs ... ge_id=1766

Just who they get to write this crap, BENEDICT BROGAN & KIRSTY WALKER.
Tony Blair - bruised by "one last kicking" from the voters this morning - will abandon politics within weeks and pocket a record £10million in his first year out of office.

The sale of his memoirs, lucrative directorships and the vast sums available on the U.S. lecture circuit will turn him overnight into a multi-millionaire.
By Paul
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A bit of Brown baiting.
Brown delays Iraq pullout after deal with Bush
Last updated at 16:38pm on 30th July 2007 ... rtComments

is this our Freddie?
What a creep is Gordon Brown, another PM who is going to hang off the coat tails of Bush. Bush seems to like Poodles, both with names starting with B, Blair and Brown.

- Freddie, UK
By Paul
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Is bag-eyed Brown carrying extra luggage?
Last updated at 00:26am on 1st August 2007

a bit more twaddle in the constant drip feeding of potential anti Brown stories. ... ge_id=1770
If a is a long time in politics, then it's hardly surprising that Gordon Brown's first month in power is taking its toll.

The 56-year-old Prime Minister appeared in need of a good night's sleep as he boarded his plane home from New York with dark, puffy bags under his eyes.

Yup! being PM is a busy job!
By bairy
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Paul wrote:Blairbrushed - has Men's Vogue's latest cover boy had a bit of help?
The cover of him is not exactly close up, the photo the fail chose is scarily close up.
The cover has him with his mouth closed, the photo the fail chose has it open, causing the ripples on his forehead.
The cover has him front on, the photo the fail chose has him to the side, which makes his head look a bit fatter (not the mention the lighting)

And the pun is just pathetic.

Mr Mordon wrote:And of cause if the chap wasn't protected against terrorist attack and was killed by a bomb it would be:
It would be *head asplode* as the conflict between hate-Blair and hate-MI5/government came into play.
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