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By Emmett Jenner
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:How much canvassing and leafletting did UKIP do in the latest elections? How much did you personally do?
I've travelled 1500 miles over the last two weeks and helped deliver around 20,000 leaflets. I've been to 5 public meetings. I've been involved in a few street canvassing sessions. Personally I've been going 10 hours a day for 2 weeks. Couple of 4am starts, couple of 5am starts.

The party effort on the whole isn't really as you describe it. You'll find if you drill-down you'd see a lot in common with the techniques used by the lib-dems to boost votes for a small party. It's fair to say we still have plenty of dusty old cranks within the ranks who never deliver or canvass and really just cause us to lose votes with their cranky opinions. But in the last few years the party has professionalised and that's starting to come through in the polls.
By Emmett Jenner
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Bones McCoy wrote:
Bearface wrote:
Bones McCoy wrote: ... l#comments

Kippers out in force on the top comments.

Their conclusions:
* Unrepresentative col Labour didn't get 50% of everybody's vote.
* Electorate are a bunch of sheeple and unable to perceive UKIP's utter brilliance.
* Same old 3 parties, there is only one alternative.
Why do DM readers love the UKIP? :!:
Or: Why do UKIP Supporters spam Mailonline on selected topics?

I will not vote Tory again until they agree to let the people have a say in the future of this country regarding the complete capitulation to Europe. If that means voting Ukip then so be it.
- chaz, nottingham, 4/5/2012 18:51
Have a look at some of Nigel Farage's speeches online, will only take a few minutes. This is the man that the BBC and the newspapers are trying to hide from us. We are having the wool pulled over our eyes big time.
- Ben, Oxford, 4/5/2012 18:46
Are you trying to say it's a conspiricy? That UKIP voters don't really exist and that it's maybe one or two UKIP people contributing to the comments section on the DM website?

The UKIP message, against the old failed parties has resonance with the public. The old failed parties boost our vote by playing up to the criticism.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Two weeks. A whole two weeks?

Says it all. UKIP is an astroturf group representing some old-fashioned right-wing ideas and a privilege agenda.
By Abernathy
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Yeah. I dream of being able to run a two week election campaign.

To get our Labour candidate elected, we've been campaigning intensively since last September. But that is no more than par for the course, and what it takes to get serious candidates elected.
Emmett on the other hand, is trying to impress us with his personal contribution to UKIP fuckwittery in very much the same way as he previously thought we'd be impressed that he has a Saab.

Sorry Emmett, but I'm desperately underwhelmed.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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We were given a briefing on why our local Lib Dem MP was so successful, he was seen to be doing four nights a week for over three years, either canvassing or meetings, before he was elected. Many thousands of hours, many column inches, running marathons for charity, taking up (and succeeding) on local issues. It has to be obsessional to work. We've been pushing hard for the last six months.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Nicked from Survation:

William Hague - really?

Johnson comes top amongst all voters, not just Conservative voters. That doesn't mean that they'd necessarily vote for him, though.
By Winegums
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Hague I suppose is the #1 choice by matter of elimination. This Tory party is absolutely devoid of talent beyond Cameron's ability to throw PR spin into everything he says. Boris could be the Tories' own worst enemy - his personable bullshit might pass in the limited confines of London's mayoral scene, and even works to his favour; but in a national level he'd be a constant humiliation to the party.

Still, I'm very glad these sorts of questions are being asked. The vultures are circling, Dave...
By oboogie
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The Tories like winners and Boris is the only Tory winner at the moment. By the same token they don't like losers and are very quick to ditch unsuccessful leaders. Hague lost an election so I find it hard to credit that they'd go for him.
By Althea
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Winegums wrote:Boris could be the Tories' own worst enemy - his personable bullshit might pass in the limited confines of London's mayoral scene, and even works to his favour; but in a national level he'd be a constant humiliation to the party.
This is bad how? :twisted:
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Though Boris could, we are told, be an MP and continue as Mayor.

It makes sense that some Tory in a safe seat toddles off to the Lords via the Chiltern Hundreds, Boris is parachuted in to much joylode in the popperlace and inna trice the PCP gives Cameron a glass of whiskey and the Anthony Eden Memorial Webley and show him the French doors.
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