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Whether someone has dared to 'step out' while they have a spot on a face or went and did the stupid thing of getting old....the Mail is always there to poke fun.

For the last 3 straight days, this story has been prominently displayed on the Mail website. ... itter.html

It's almost as if they are desperate to squeeze out as much publicity as they can from this they really really hate her for some reason.
It's an interesting feature of the DM's site this, and sadly FeMail/Showbiz seems to be the main driving force behind their financial success.

The general idea seems to be to use famous people to attract web hits while also letting the article serve as a self-esteem boost for the Mail readers, as so very few celebrities seem to fit the Mail's ideal. Having a sneer at Danielle Lineker's fake tits makes the Mail reader feel better about their own pathetic life for about five minutes. They might even brighten their day by posting a "who?" comment or something about what a scrawny surgically enhanced bag of piss she is. The male Mail reader gets to have a sly perv at a woman they would never ever admit to finding attractive (Nicki Minaj is a good example of this) who moves in a completely different social circle to them, while agreeing with the wife about how awful she is. Look at those big lips and that curvaceous lycra-clad arse. Just awful. I'm going to put this copy in the shed with the others. Back in fifteen minutes love.
I dont suppose it entered their tiny minds that like most people in love he probably thinks she looks gorgeous whatever.

Out of all the pictures taken of her taking her child to school only one looked a bit odd and the other two looked fine. Is there really any justification for the Daily Mail giving money to papparazzi photographers for taking pictures of a mum dropping her child off at school? Apart from it being very intrusive some of these pictures could well identify which school the child actually attended.
More 'hilarity' as the Mail leads its readers on a giant sneer. A woman with strabismus is mocked for attempting to look glamorous, and an old person is invited to cover up her wrinkly skin. Many of the poses appear to be pisstakes but the Mail doesn't recognise irony, as evidenced by the similarity between some of the captions on this article and those on the sidebar. Top-rated:

What is this? Let's Make Ourselves Feel Superior By Laughing At Deluded Fat Ugly People Day? Just how infantile and nasty do you think your readers are, DM?

- Pearl, Brighton, 3/5/2012 11:45 Rating 1581
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This is the best peice of journalism I have ever read. The dm just goes from strength to strength. Why this isn't on panorama or news night god only knows. Keep up the splendid wok.

- Anthony, London, 03/5/2012 22:01


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