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By davidjay
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:The law allows smacking without leaving a bruise. If they're so fond of smacking and convinced that it improves behaviour, it's odd the tabloids give the impression that it's been banned.

It's more important that they give the impression we live in a PC gone mad nanny state.
By davidjay
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:Indeed. The Mail might be interested that, despite being legal in private schools till 1999, caning was extremely rare. Parents didn't like it.

Eton hadn't caned anyone since 1984. ... punishment

I bet a few of its old boys have been caned since then.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:Indeed. The Mail might be interested that, despite being legal in private schools till 1999, caning was extremely rare. Parents didn't like it.

Eton hadn't caned anyone since 1984. ... punishment

As noted in Private Eye noted when a flogging head resigned:

When caning is waning,
It must be a wrench,
For Chenevix-Trench
To be beaten by Eton.
By Andy McDandy
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In 1982 I was in my second year of primary school, aged 5. One child was caned, and shocked whispers went round the school. What HAD he done to warrant that? It was incredibly rare, not least because most teaching staff disliked it so much.

It comes down to the old I/You/They situation. MY child is irrepressible, YOUR child gets a bit rowdy, THEIR child is a little thug. Beat the living shit out of other kids? Fine. Lay a finger on their little wonder - Sacrelige, fire them, PCgornmaaaad, name and shame etc.
By tonysk14
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Messianic Trees wrote:What sort of example is this to set our children? Teachers call pupils 'scumbags' and the head flicks V-signs at his deputy in school praised as 'outstanding'

Read more: ... z1YkzE1ELn

Looking at the comments, the Mail appears to have misjudged its readers with this one.

Are not all those pictures candidates for the jailbait forum?
By Killer Whale
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One panda-eyed teenager is seen sitting in a maths class muttering: 'What is pi? Where does it come from?'

Not a sign of healthy, praiseworthy even, youthful inquisitiveness, then? Would the Mail be looking for the teacher to explain by saying "It just is, OK, now back to your rote learning"?
By Arnold
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I foresee another ban in the near future.
If a fly on the wall documentary filmed DM journalists in London and Florida, I'm sure there would be a lot of four letter words too.

- Alfred, UK, 23/9/2011 14:55
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By IanC
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A girl using a mobile in front of her locker? Boys mucking around when the teacher isnt around? Girls wearing make up?

By JuanTwoThree
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I'm shocked at the suggestion by some posters that journalists swear a lot. I gather that the D M boss is a godfearing church-goer who never lets an unkind word sully his lips when he politely requests his equally angelic staff to carry out one of his reasonable requests. And you never see a salacious photo of scantily clad or short-skirted young ladies unless the story absolutely requires it.
- Dave Lennox, Parkhurst
By hel
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It's quite amusing how the Mail is outraged about girls wearing makeup on one page, then is outraged about female celebrities not wearing makeup on the next page.
By oboogie
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Fifth of trainee teachers cannot do sums or spell... and one had 37 resits before passing basic maths test

Roll up, roll up. Bash the teacher and win a prize.
This is pretty typical.
This rot has been going on for decades. My son is now 38. I used to have to correct his homework AFTER the teachers had checked it just to make sure he was aware of his mistakes and its the same for my younger son who is now 14 years old. I have no respect for teachers at all. They are all thick. Being thick isn't a problem if you are pushing a broom for a living (no disrespect to cleaners - very under rated and important role). But these people think they are the bees knees. Their thickness is transferred to the next generation which is why each generation comes out thicker than the last. Just ask the employers federation.
- Tommy Cockles, Liverpool, 7/11/2011 6:55
Tommy Cockles has form doesn't he?

Couldnt agree more. The Health & Safety Implictaions of not being able to do even simple maths are enormous. How can children fully calculate risk for example. Something needs to be done about this immediately as it will have an effect on the correct amount of Compo being given out in future for skirmishes etc and this needs to be rectified.
- Pedro (NEET), Here, 7/11/2011 6:53
Oh dear, Pedro didn't get the memo and has made schoolboy errors. 1) forrin name 2) cares about H&S 3) omitted hilarious misspelling of 'Health' 4) describes himself as a NEET which in Mailspeak translates as ferral youth and dole scrounger 5) concerned about compensation (guess who pays for that).
Then there's that reference to "skirmishes". There is a paint-ball company called Skirmish and, with the references to H&S and "Compo", I guess he might be referring to that. If not, it's just bizarre.

And the bullshitter of the month award goes to:
A previous client of mine was a Maths teacher at a Secondary school. He was head of maths, and taught both A-Level and GCSE. He couldn't work out how much a 5% deposit was on his mortgage, with or without a calculator. He also didn't want to be a teacher, he wanted to be a frozen fish salesman but the terms of his Visa wouldn't allow it. I would have thought the two basic requirements of a maths teacher is 1) you can do basic maths such as percentages and 2) you have some sort of desire to want to do the job.
- jp, Deivzes, 07/11/2011 06:28

Still there is some hope, here are the two highest rated
Let's be careful with those stones though, DM. A colleague was recently working at your paper on a trainee placement. Suffice to say, she was shocked at the levels of illiteracy on display in your newsroom, not to mention the pass rate for the NCTJ qualifications amongst your staff (far less than 50%, on average. Particularly weak on Law and Ethics, apparently). And what's that? Mail Online is the most-read news site in the world now? Terrifying. Now, back to the hypocrisy.
- Christian, Hove, East Sussex, 7/11/2011 0:03
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Still better than a DM hack can manage, though.
- Carol, Prudhoe. UK, 6/11/2011 23:03
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