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By Tom_UK
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ezinra wrote:
Tom_MKUK wrote:Did any major newsworthy event happen yesterday? Can't think of anything.
Not in the UK, no.
You could forgive them if they had an interesting scoop to run with. But this is old, not very controversial news.
RIP journalism!
It shows the ever growing gulf between the printed and online versions of the DM. The print version is very much about catering to the middle-aged "middle-class" readers who don't want to hear about any of those dirty forrins. Online, on the other hand, the DM is desperate to jump on any bandwagon as quickly as possible just to get the hit count up, so has the Norway story as the lead.
By Andy McDandy
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I get the Times print version, which this morning was going with the "Al Q'aida style but conflicting reports" line, which as the day has progressed has become more and more inacccurate. As more news has emerged, this seems to be either the Mail's worst nightmare (self-employed forces veteran, prior conviction for speeding, hard right, fundy Christian kills a metric fuckton of genuinely innocent people) or they'll spin it along "Don't let the left use this to stifle the debate..." lines before carrying on as they ever did.
By ezinra
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That's an interesting observation, Tom.

The final edition of the printed version had the Norwegian story in place of the Queen & Kate Middleton, with '30 killed' in the headline.

Am I wrong to think that if, at the time the Mail went to press, the main suspect had still been an Islamist group, it might have been the lead story? We'll never know. But the story about animal hybrids is very weak, and makes me wonder if the Mail had cleared the space for a story that it couldn't, in the end, run.
By Tom_UK
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Credit is due today for actually going front page with the two biggest current news events, and for the neutral phrase "Amy Winehouse Dead", rather than any kind of sneering 'what her death says about Britain today' type shite*:


*No doubt the judgemental shite and baseless speculation will be contained inside.
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Kreuzberger wrote:Also, not long for this world; the art of consistent typography...HOW MANY????
or the art of wise colour choices, not sure what the mail has against peoples eyes to make that "mail rewards club" box tangerine on light blue :|
By jeh86
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I'm being critical here, but why have they decided to go for a smaller headline this time? The £5 off Tesco should be smaller :|
jeh86 wrote:I'm being critical here, but why have they decided to go for a smaller headline this time? The £5 off Tesco should be smaller :|
Because they understand their readership.
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