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By Fflaps
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Oh cry me a river. At least these people have mortgages - there are hundreds of thousands of equally hardworking people who can't get one. And I say that as a homeowner (well, mortgage-owner) myself. If you overpaid massively at the height of the boom for a house that is now, amazingly, worth less than you paid for it, then tough. That's how these things work - the value of your investments can go down as well as up. The housing market should have been allowed to correct itself when it started to go tits up, but nooooo.
By bluebellnutter
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Bones McCoy wrote:I'd imagine the answer on page three will incorporate "All grown up".
Oddly it isn't. It seems what she actually did next was spill the beans to some chat show. ... tupid.html" onclick=";return false;
By Tom_UK
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This thread seems worth resurrecting if only to bring to your attention the glorious free DVD on offer today. Also, we have the mouthwatering prospect of further discs to come.


I know I'll be going out to buy fifteen copies in order to liberally disperse the DVDs among my collection of Royal commemorative plates.
By oboogie
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Timbo wrote:On the rape story, why is it important that she was married? Is the implication that she's now been ruined for her husband? Or that she couldn't possibly have been asking for it?
I think it's the latter, plus it's a more serious crime than raping a single woman cause it's taking another man's property innit.
By Andy McDandy
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Are they pro or anti the fines? On the one hand, there's the entire 'letting down the neighbourhood' thing; but on the other there's 'my home is my castle'.

As for the rapist, grr. Doesn't matter at all if she was married, drunk, or even a woman. He's a fucking rapist and he got done.
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