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By Tubby Isaacs
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Quite an agenda tonight." onclick=";return false;

Farewell to Lifestyle Plus. The discount card introduced by Labour 25 years ago to help people on low incomes afford our swimming pools and leisure centres is to be abolished. Details here.

Goodbye to one of our council blocks. Under the pretext of refurbishment, the council has emptied out Edith Summerskill House and is now selling it to developers, with a loss of 68 flats, including 48 two-bed and 16 three-bed flats, which are like gold dust. Details here.

Service charges for council tenants are to be increased by £1m a year for no extra benefit. Details here.

Rents will go up by between three and four times for all new and half of existing council properties, which for four-bed properties means £400 a week, requiring an income of over £74,000. Details here.
Some manic development going on too. ... about.html" onclick=";return false;

The council's willingness to put the hours in here and get all these planning permissions looked at? Surely nothing to do with avoiding the Crossrail Levy.
Didn't H&F merge services with a neighbouring council shortly after the 2010 local elections, the idea being to reduce back-office costs? At the time I think I said it may well have been a very good idea, especially seeing as it went against the general trend in London politics to love the idea of shared services, as long as it's not with those bastards next door (for example, when I was with Ealing Libraries, the consensus was yes, cooperation is great, as long as it's not with Brent or Hillingdon).

But some of these changes are shocking. Especially the rent one. In fact, it's not shocking, it's plain evil.
Rents and service charges are both going up. But they'll then say how they've not put the council tax up. What a wonderful trick that is. Like Boris Johnson- saved you money, unless you take the bus.

What's this "private landlord can charge more, so we'll charge you more for your flat you lived in for twenty years" bollocks? Funny, in the eighties, houses were sold for far below market value, and that was quite all right.

It's politics of envy crap. I'm paying x for rent for my flat- how dare that fucker next door with 2 kids pay less? I want to see something down about my rent. Doesn't bother me what the others pay.
By Fozzy
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When I last dealt with H&F they had got it into their heads that maybe the child of an asylum seeker whom they had placed in Surrey wasn't going to school. So, rather than phone the school to find out (whereupon they would have been told that he had exemplary attendance), they demanded that the mother bring the kid for an interview - during school hours. And they would have had to pay her travel costs. I had great pleasure in telling them to get lost, given that they were in effect requiring her to break the law by taking her child out of school for no valid reason.
By mojojojo
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Residents object to having their homes destroyed so that Tory scum can make money from revolting developers ... arls-court

No, no - some residents are quite happy with the plans, says residents' group. ... evelopment

but what's this in the comments?
"Your profile page describes you as the chairwoman of the "West Kensington and Gibbs Green Steering Company". This wouldn't be the same "Steering Company" (originally a Group and unincorporated) that was started with £38,000 of developer's money would it?"

What, this one - with a Director called Maureen Way?" onclick=";return false;
By mojojojo
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And... ... n-for.html

Sorry Tubby, I'm not stalking you but my council would love to be like yours (with a few less millionaires living within its boundaries)...or maybe Barnet.
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