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By smod
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Un-occupy the City: Nine out of ten tents remain empty overnight at St Paul's protest camp
The anti-capitalist protest forcing St Paul’s Cathedral to close is a ‘big charade’ with only one in ten tents occupied overnight, the Daily Mail can reveal.
Footage from a thermal imaging camera shot by a police helicopter revealed that the ramshackle camp is almost completely empty during the cold nights.
It suggests the majority of the 300 ‘defiant’ protesters at the cathedral return home or to hotels after dark to sleep in warm beds.
Read more: ... z1bpumpba7" onclick=";return false;

Of course the mentality of mud slinging and hoping it sticks here and the story kinda misses the point entirely. A lot of protesters work, have children to look after or other factors meaning they can only protest during certain hours of the day. Hardly unreasonable now. However, they are 'plastic' or 'fake' protesters.

Despite the fact OccupyLSX put out a very reasoned response.
OccupyLSX was surprised to hear The Telegraph and others reporting this morning that 90% of our tents are empty overnight. This is simply not the case. We try to keep vacancy to a minimum and operate a sign in/sign out system to help ensure this happens. When someone knows they will not be staying overnight, they offer their tent to someone else.

We are ordinary people with jobs and families. We are occupying in order to register our objection to being shut out of the political process. The fact that we are camping out here shows how seriously we take our right to participate and be heard. We are part of the 99%.

It’s certainly interesting to hear that the Corporation of London are wasting many thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money in monitoring our numbers by helicopter. But what about the “thermal imaging cameras”? We might be in a public space, but these tents are our homes – at least some of the time – and everyone has a right to privacy.

Being woken up in the middle of the night by a journalist with a camera is an unpleasant experience, and even more so for a female sleeping in a tent alone. The Press Team is happy to facilitate interviews at all hours of the night (we had Radio 5 Live broadcasting from 1am to 5am the other day), but we do ask that such requests go through us on this number 0845 299 6175. Our volunteers will do their best to help." onclick=";return false;

Yes, it was covered in the Guardian and Telegraph but you can expect the type of comments from Mail readers.
lot of lazy layabouts that would not know what they are protesting about ...if it wasn't for capitalism no taxes would get paid then where would they get their benefits like they did in Melbourne get rid of them by force .
- raymond, melbourne ..australia, 25/10/2011 5:36 256
I wonder how many of these 'anti-capitalist' protesters are wearing designer clothes, using iPhones, drinking Starbucks, eating McDonalds, sleeping in an expensive tent and living off Daddy who uses a Mastercard and drives a General Motors car, goes abroad in a Boeing plane on a British Airways flight to a Marriott hotel and even have their own bank accounts with the banks they claim to despise. Hypocrites. 458
Plastic Protestors running home of a night time cos they're cold, hahahaha
- Paul Downey, North West England, 25/10/2011 5:04 286
Utter ignorance gets the highest green arrows.
By Abernathy
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Seems fair enough to me. You can demonstrate to bring down the capitalist system - nobody said you had to be cold or uncomfortable while you do it.

Interesting how in Mail-land, this instantly invalidates the entire thing. "Socialist, eh? I notice you're not too socialist to wear shoes!"
By smod
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It just seems they've got their heads in the sand other their reasons for the occupation. It's rallying against the neoliberal laissez-faire capitalism that has generated the bank bailouts, austerity cuts and unemployment when the poor are hit hardest. Yes, it attracts socialists, anarchists and a range of different members of our society but it isn't inclusively attacking capitalism in general but the system that helped create this mess.
By jguazu
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Yesterday they had an article saying that St Paul's might have to cancel it's Rememberence Sunday service because of this - even though there was absolutely no evidence in the article of anyone having said that it would be cancelled. The comments underneath were incredible, all the top rated ones ranting about how these grubby anti-capitalists were dispespecting our "fallen heroes" and suggesting that they be forcibly removed/trampled on/blasted with water cannons. Yeah... because nothing would show respect for people who died fighting the Nazis that turning water cannons on a group of peaceful protesters.
By smod
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There's talk the Church might ask them to leave on'elf and safety grounds and "The cathedral said it was losing up to £20,000 a day and held its Sunday services in private for the first time since 1940." Of course call me cynical when they consider J.P Morgan, London Stock Exchange and Lloyds Banking Group among their corporate partners might wander why the catherdral isn't making so much money. link

I imagine the protesters in Oakland didn't have time clean up when they were attacked by 500 cops in suprise assault. tear gas, rubber bullets, shotguns, flash bang grenades. Many injured.
By ezinra
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The Mail (and the other right-wing papers) are employing the classic tactic of focusing on who the protesters are rather than on what they're protesting about. So they're sissies or part-timers or children of privilege. And the focus is on their tactics: how long will they stay? How much inconvenience are they causing? How much is it costing the taxpayer?

The voices of the protesters are not heard directly: they're always mediated through the, uh, media, who are interested in the demonstration exclusively as a spectacle — will there be a clash? How will the standoff be resolved? They are essentially waiting for the government to send in the tasers and the water cannons.
By Dacre Bleugh
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The thermal images that prove 90% of tents in St Paul's protest camp are left empty overnight
* 'The time has come for the protesters to leave,' says the Bishop of London ... night.html" onclick=";return false;

Top rated comment:
I have worked all my life since the age of 16. I have only had two jobs, never unemployed... I have never claimed any type of benefit. I live in a house thats worth £125k. My pension has been reduced from RPI to CPI. I have never gambled in my life. Always voted Tory....I have always invested my money in the Banks , I fully support the St Pauls protestors.... The Rich have screwed me..
Max, Rugeley, 26/10/2011 0:31 444
By Timbo
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I have worked all my life since the age of 16. I have only had two jobs, never unemployed... I have never claimed any type of benefit.
Then you're a hell of a lot better-off than most of the young people who are protesting.
I live in a house thats worth £125k.
See above
My pension has been reduced from RPI to CPI.
Your state pension?
I have never gambled in my life. Always voted Tory....I have always invested my money in the Banks
Investing money in banks isn't gambling?
I fully support the St Pauls protestors.... The Rich have screwed me..
You're one of the lucky ones, dude...
By Big Arnold
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smod wrote: "The cathedral said it was losing up to £20,000 a day
Remind me. Who threw the moneychangers out of the temple? I'll give you a clue. He said this. "Get these out of here! Do not make My Father’s house a house of merchandise!"
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