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By bluebellnutter
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St Paul's protest camp 'is a magnet for crime', court hears as anti-capitalists pledge to hold two-week Christmas party
Anti capitalist... Yet drinks coca cola...
- vixen_vix, Newcastle upon Tyne, 19/12/2011 12:21
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send in the riot squad and stop the benefits
- angie Merc, Germany, 19/12/2011 11:57
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Let it snow let it snow let it snow......
- Dan Gleables, Essex, UK, 19/12/2011 12:21
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Just water canon these parasites!
- Mike S, Exeter, S. Devon, 19/12/2011 11:44
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These smelly, drugged, sometimes violent, graffiti 'people' have done absolutely nothing to help those who are worst hit by those nasty rich folk. They have just stank the place out and sent visitors packing with their obscene drunken rants. Yeah, good job! Hey go sell lazy some place else, no one owes you anything.
- Mr Magoo, London, 19/12/2011 12:15
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By Esqui
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Hope they don't get wind of our local "Occupy" protest. They occupied a wasteground on a street corner because "it was near Nat West", then went and squatted in a vegetarian café down the road because it got too cold.
By Dacre Bleugh
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Life of luxury for 14 Occupy protestors who have ditched tents to squat in £3m house... with its own swimming pool ... z1mOMi4zfd" onclick=";return false;
By storygirl
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oboogie wrote:Occupy London being removed by riot police and bailiffs live on BBC 24. ... sfeed=true" onclick=";return false;
Watching I was totally infuriated by how the media was talking up a riot. The fact a few protesters had piled up pallets, and were sitting on them to watch and sing was turned into a "last stand" and they were repeatedly referred to as the hard liners. Every minute or so the studio asked if there had been any trouble, despite the fact the reporter there kept saying that there had been no trouble and the protesters were leaving peacefully.
By Messianic Trees
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It's currently the lead story on MailOnline. Unsurprisingly, the Mailtards have been displaying their usual levels of empathy:
A good bit of news for a change. Now, let's sort out immigration, soft justice and unfair fuel taxation.
- John, Stamford UK, 28/2/2012 7:05
- John L, SuckerLand, CRIMINAL CESSPIT ZONE, EUSSR, 28/2/2012 6:58
Good riddance. This 'occupy' nonsense shouldn't be allowed, they wreck everything around them and frankly lower the tone (the ones in Bath did too - very intimidating and heckling the public). What a waste of tax payers' money too.
- LIBERTY, Bath, 28/2/2012 7:03
Cut their SS payments immedietely! Anti capitalist. Who made their clothes, shoes and tents? People who started businesses and probably struggled to get them making a profit. They should have been thrown out months ago!
- Nick Shires, France, 28/2/2012 7:08
Good bye. Now please get jobs as you were invading my human rights by expecting me to go to work & then feed you on benefits out of my taxes !
- Dave Jobson, Southampton, 28/2/2012 8:02
By satnav
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I thought this morning news would be dominated by stories about corrupt links between News International and the police but due to the decision of the Met police to remove the protesters the corruption stories have been buried away, how convenient for the Met!
By smod
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Dacre Drip. Most people in the movement had jobs to begin with but don't worry Mail readers you're only free to do what you want in this country if you have enough money. It was deeply noble of the police to evict people at the dead of night. So much for the church support.
By Big Rob
Almost follows on from smod's last post.

Stop Occupying my wedding! Moment furious bride was caught up in anti-Nato protests as city goes into lockdown for march today
how sad, poor couple they probably spent a lot of money on this day, and they worked hard for it... The protestors do not have a clue, about work or anything else, they do not represent the majority of hard working tax payers, they represent the work shy down and outs, who want something for nothing, and had it all handed too them on a plate, until now. and they are throwing their rattles out of the pram, because they now have too work for it
- katie, london , 20/5/2012 18:23
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