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By Fozzy
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I don't see how the Mail can claim any day is more or less miserable for their target readers. So far as I can see, Mailtards began this year as they ended the old one, utterly miserable and sunk in the depths of their entrenched belief that benefit claimants, illegal immigrants and prisoners are enjoying a much better lifestyle than they are, and at the Mailtards' personal expense. The only thing that ever lifts them out of the gloom is when they erroneously think Cameron has vetoed the EU or suchlike, and even then it's inevitably very short-lived.
By Big Arnold
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The adult acne epidemic
Forget teenagers - modern lifestyles mean middle-aged women increasingly suffer the misery of bad skin ... -skin.html" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Mortgage rise to hit millions: Banks lining up to heap more misery on squeezed families as NatWest and RBS raise home loan rates by 0.25% ... z1o36lmMAb" onclick=";return false;
By Big Arnold
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Pinched flesh, unsightly bulges and backache — the wrong bra can be misery. ... z1pDvvw6Xm" onclick=";return false;
Several pairs of tits to make blokes feel less miserable. Not that they suffer from ill-fitting bras of course.
By davidjay
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Arnold wrote:
Misery for motorists as price of petrol smashes through the 140p-a-litre barrier for the first time ... z1pwkXPyQl" onclick=";return false;
There seems to be a lot of support for strike action on there. It's most unMail-like
By Big Arnold
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BREAKING NEWS: Easter bank holiday misery looms as baggage handlers in dispute over pay vote to strike on Good Friday ... z1qX5OOxXd" onclick=";return false;
By ezinra
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A four-day holiday. A chance to disconnect from work, spend time with loved ones, visit some local attractions. Brilliant, eh?

Easter misery for holidaymakers: Border staff chaos will cause 'gridlock' at British airports (and French air traffic controllers AND Spanish pilots are on strike too)

Doubtless there'll be misery on the roads, too, with congestion and petrol shortages and lane closures. The weather will be miserable. The shops will report mediocre sales figures, bringing further misery. The telly will be rubbish. Waitrose will run out of whatever ingredients I need to make Sunday lunch, and I shall be forced to set foot in a lesser supermarket.

If Jesus had read the Daily Mail, he wouldn't have bothered resurrecting himself. He'd have stayed in the tomb, nodding approvingly at the wise words of Peter Hitchens.
By ezinra
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And so it came to pass…

DANK Holiday Monday: Easter misery for millions as heavy rain and gales sweep across Britain

And what constituted this misery?
Those hoping for a sunny Bank Holiday Monday miracle were instead facing grey skies and lashings of rain today.
Well, I was hoping for a miracle cure to my illness. Fucking woe is me.
temperatures are expected to peak at 12c (53f) - the average for this time of year
Oh the misery of things being as we'd expect them to be. This is the problem with having all the privileges the Mailites do: they expect everything to be better than average, permanently.
sales of hot drinks were brisk compared to the recent hot spell
Misery for ice cream vendors!
Sandra Brook, a 42-year-old, sales assistant from Wimborne, Dorset, visited the beach resort with husband Mark, 43, and their sons Harry, six, and Jacob, nine.

She said: … 'We were determined to have a nice family day no matter what the weather, so we decided to come along to the beach and have fun splashing about in the puddles.
Folk having fun — yet more evidence of misery. Will it never end?
Why don't people learn that most Bank holidays turn out like this. Why can't people just stay at home or visit family, you dont have to go out and spend a fortune to enjoy yourself. Why drag kids out on a wet day just because you think you have to, save your money and go out when the weather is nicer.

- Karen, Lancing, 9/4/2012 15:02 Rating 14
Moaning about people moaning about non-existent misery. The Mail in a nutshell.
By ezinra
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Still starstruck: Young Belgian's misery three years after she had 56 tattoos on her face
You can't fix stupidity.......Anyone that has a tattoo is either a chav or is lacking in brain cells. Over time, skin changes and sags, and tattoos fade and become distorted, so all you end up with is an unsightly mess that turns stomachs.

- Hannah, London, 12/4/2012 16:58 Rating 7
By Big Arnold
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Drink that could ease IBS misery for millions: £2 stomach treatment available on shelves near you ... z1w9Wo0p5x" onclick=";return false;

That's tomorrow's Express miracle cure headline sorted.
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