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By Abernathy
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You can go back even further to Alf Garnett, where the same problem arose.

However, Clarkson is not even one hundredth part as funny as any of those - which is sort of where the current problem arises.
By oboogie
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
bluebellnutter wrote:Same with Al Murray, indeed the "pub landlord" character is done as a complete send-up of the people who laud it.
Do they know that? I remember Harry Enfield saying that he killed off Loadsamoney because people liked him for what he was, rather than as a satire. I think the same thing applies to Murray. I also don't think either has ever been funny.
Anecdotally, I had that conversation in relation to Al Murray only a couple of week's ago with my idiot neighbour. He point blank refused to believe me when I told him that Murray is 'posh'; Public school, Oxford graduate, son of a Lieutenant Colonel & a descendant of William Makepeace Thackeray (I had to explain who Thackeray was).
By Abernathy
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Gourami wrote: Alf Garnett - I've met people who just didn't realise he was the butt of the joke and thought he was the last defender of Zzzzzzzzzz........
Indeed. that was my point.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Clarkson can time a joke and coin a phrase. He was, as far as I can remember, the first person to do the "informed joke" treatment of cars. Like Bill Bryson with travel, Martin Johnson with cricket, Harry Pearson with football.

It's wearing very thin now though. Just being offensive.

Shame because when he doesn't piss about, he can be very good. He'd be ideal for the BBC semi-heavyweight documentaries (ones on BBC1 rather than BBC4, like David Dimbleby does). Anyone else see his Brunel?
By Abernathy
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Clarkson's piece on IK Brunel was an indication that he is a talented broadcaster and can produce good stuff. If he'd just give up trying to be the great un-PC clown we'd probably all love him as we do Attenborough. [irony].
By oboogie
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Clarkson did a brilliant programme about holders of the VC a few years ago (his father in law was one). He was respectful and gave over a real sense of awe of these extraordinary people.
He's a bright man who has learnt that playing the clown is where the money is.
By Big Rob
I think the Unions should drop the shit against Clarkson, so they don't fall to the level of the outrage that hounded Ross and Brand (yes I think they were in the wrong but apologize and move on).

Clarkson made an extreme joke that was clearly not meant to be taken seriously, which he does all the time. It was ill informed however if we get everyone to apologize for making ill informed remarks....
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