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By turborip
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He has got new merchandise out for Xmas and as far as he is concerned no publicity is bad publicity, he knows exactly what he is doing, some of his stuff is excellent, the rest is just an ego trip, i wish his wife would just finally get fed up with it all, go for the divorce and really hit him where it hurts money wise.
By redpig59
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I doubt that his right-wing anti PC crap is an act or a persona.
I'm pretty sure he is a boorish, right-wing cunt who is happy to slag off public sector workers while quite happily sticking his fat jowly face into the public money trough with no idea of the irony of that situation.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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The Beeb has pulled the edition of QI with him in it. Which is a pity, because it deprives us of Daira OBriain and Ross Noble. ... um=twitter" onclick=";return false;
By Bones McCoy
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Can't they just organise a chat show featuring Clarkson, Brand, Oliver Reid (Or whoever passes now for pissed up out of control entertainment), and one of the Kids from South Park.
By shyamz
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oboogie wrote:The difference is that the Brand Buzzcocks episode has never been shown (AFAIK) whereas QI has merely been rescheduled to be screened at a later date.
As bluebell said, it did get shown much later, but because of the fuss surrounding it people couldn't wait to finally see it when they eventualy put it on, so ironicaly it got even more viewers than it probably would have at the time.

Bit of hoo haa can do wonders for a show sometimes.
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