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By Tubby Isaacs
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Don't understand it either. It's a bit like "Behind The Headlines" in the mid-nineties. Where Jeffrey Archer and Paul Boateng "crossed swords" in a supposedly funny way. Sometimes it was Giles Brandreth and Tony Banks.

See also A Week In Politics on Channel 4. I used to like Vincent Hanna, he could do dry humour.
By oboogie
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Althea wrote:It seems a bit right-wing, though. Booo
Andrew Neil is the ex-editor of the Sunday Times and Spectator and a Tory supporter.
Michael Portillo is an ex-right-wing Tory cabinet minister now claiming to be a moderate.
They are 'balanced' by whichever Labour person they can find.
So yes it's weighted in favour of the Tories.
I quite enjoy it in spite of that though.
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By Tom_UK
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Abernathy wrote:Just in in time to catch Quentin Fucking Letts. Ye gods if ever there was a man I'd punch until I collapsed with exhaustion, it's that loathsome cunt.
You tuned in too late to see Peter Stringfellow sitting on a throne (yes, really) bleating about how unfair the 50% tax rate is. What a cunt!
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