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By Gourami
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Abernathy wrote:Big Camilla's on now. Sometimes I do wish she'd tone her bloody gear down. My eyes hurt.
I wish I could bring myself to like her, as she talks some sense, some of the time but she is so fucking inconsistent. You get a good idea followed up by an unsubstantiated assertion. Or she fails to make a point well. She touched on some important neuroscience developments and could have cleaned up - but she ought to have all of the empirical evidence at her fingertips. Mentioning it now exists and is good is not enough. Spell it out.
By Bones McCoy
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Althea wrote:I have no idea what happened on This Week. I think I kept blanking out.
That really is the best way to watch it.

You see that 10 O'clock show, but written by the chuckle brothers and presented by the cast of Rainbow.
That's this week that is.
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