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By Tom_UK
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Showing off her baby bump and tattoo, the £2m lotto girl who is expecting twins ... attoo.html

Hate factors:
- Young.
- Pregnant.
- Tattoos.
- Instant wealth.
- History of drug use.

Whilst they don't explicitly tell the readers to hate, they also know full well that they will. They know what reaction they will get by publishing a photo of a pregnant young woman covered in tattoos, who has spunked away nearly all of a lottery win.
Why do people have these tramp stamps (tattoos)???

- Matt, Sutton Coldfield, 01/5/2012 10:10
What a horror, put me off me cornflakes.

- Jimpy, Lincs, 01/5/2012 10:08
Poor kids, they have to call that mum.

- db, essex, 01/5/2012 09:45
You'd think, having been outed as an idiot, this person would keep a low profile, but no, not in Modern Britain: "Look at me! I'm a complete spod!"

- Cynic, Dahn Sarf, 01/5/2012 09:39
By Coupled Moment
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satnav wrote:Perhaps the Mail should follow in the footsteps of Dirty Des and set up their own lottery. Tickets will only be available to middle aged middle class people who don't drink or smoke or take drugs. Ticket buyers will also need to be married, in full time work and have no tattoos.

So, in effect, you already need to have won one lottery (of a kind).
By Tom_UK
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Here's another one for you.

Addicted to sugar daddies: She's a 36FF glamour model earning £300,000 a year... but Nikki, 25, still trawls for wealthy men online ... t-com.html
She is blonde, petite, has 36FF breasts and runs her own successful events company. She earns up to £300,000 a year and has modelled for men's titles including FHM and GQ.

For many men, Nikki Howarth would be considered the perfect woman. But although the 25-year-old glamour model could have her pick of men she might meet on evenings out, Nikki, from Beeston, Notts, prefers to go online to find love.

And it is one particular type of man that she logs on to track down: Sugar daddies.

Nikki confesses she is only interested in dating men who are richer and more successful than she is.

And with her dual career bringing her an annual wage of ten times that of the average Brit, it's not an easy task.
By davidjay
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These kind of women are the very reason I'm extremely careful when entering a new relationship. It seems like most women today want to date you for your money, get pregnant with your child to get money, or marry and then divorce to get your money. I would he happy to date more often, but the risk of meeting a gold digger is just too great. Those few times I have one night stands, I make sure to always use condoms I've bought myself. Apparently, from what I've heard, many women stick holes in the condoms they've bought. So men out there, be careful when using condoms offered to you by casual acquaintances.
- Andy, Turku, Finland, 10/5/2012 16:51

Somehow, Andy, I don't believe you.
By Arnold
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satnav wrote:The article is a blatant advert for a dating agency so the woman's earnings have probably been inflated because it's good publicity for the agency.

The downside is that HMRC may well compare the quoted figure with her tax return, and open an investigation.
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