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By Patrick100
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Honours for the Mail and columnist Littlejohn at prestigious awards ceremony
The Daily Mail was yesterday named Daily Newspaper of the Year at a prestigious awards ceremony which also saw our brilliant columnist Richard Littlejohn honoured for his unrivalled writing.

The Mail, which was also named Newspaper of the Year by The Society of Editors two months ago, received the new honour from the judges of the London Press Club yesterday.

They described the newspaper as ‘impossible to ignore’, paying tribute to its ‘outstanding journalistic aptitude’ and ‘superb professionalism’.
They also singled out the Mail’s now famous ‘Murderers’ front page in 1997.

For his outstanding writing in the Mail, Littlejohn was awarded the Edgar Wallace Trophy, which celebrates ‘writing or reporting of the highest quality’. ... emony.html" onclick=";return false;

Now where did I put that Irony meter and sick bag?
By jguazu
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It says a lot that the only thing they could find to praise the Newspaper of the Year 2012 is a headline from 1997. And what, exactly, makes Littlejohn so respected by other journalists? Even as a "polemicist" he's never managed to produce anywhere near as much controversy as Samantha Brick or Jan Moir. Even my dad (a real mailite) says that Littlejohn has lost it over the last year, and doesn't bother to read his columns any more.
By satnav
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Having looked at the Press Clubs website site it would appear that Dickie paid them a visit recently.
The next London Press Club Networking evening will take place at our home, the Adam Street Club, on Wednesday 11th April from 6.30pm.

We are delighted that our special guest will be Daily Mail columnist, author and broadcaster Richard Littlejohn who has agreed to be interviewed and then to answer questions from guests on the night.

This is sure to be a great night whether you are just starting out in the media world and looking to make contacts, or you have an established career and would like to socialise with familiar faces. The London Press Club networking evening is an unmissable event in the media calendar.

As usual, we have limited capacity, so please let Kate know as soon as possible if you’d like to come along. Please email her with your name, any guests’ names and your job title.

Tickets are £10 including VAT, payable on the door (cash/cheque only). London Press Club members and NUJ/IoJ/NUS card holders can attend for free. There will be a cash bar.
That must have been an interesting evening. How to network with journalists when you live 3000 miles away from most of them.
By Tom_UK
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No comments allowed. I think they've learnt from the backlash on previous self-congratulatory articles. :lol:

EDIT: There's something fishy about this Edgar Wallace Trophy...
- 2011: Tom Utley (Daily Mail)
- 2010: Quentin Letts. (Daily Mail)
- 2009: Max Hastings. (Daily Mail)

- 2003: Quentin Letts. (Daily Mail)
- 2002: Ann Leslie. (Daily Mail at the time, I think)

It's a bit difficult to find a full list of winners. Above are the only ones I can find. 2004 to 2008 is a mystery.

Richard Littlejohn did not "scoop" the trophy, as he was the only nominee. ... shortlist/" onclick=";return false;
By SoulBoy
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Sounds more like a drinking establishment than an industry body...
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Nice one Richie
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