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By Pugwash2
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Late yesterday the Mail was doing a piece about the tragic house fire in Derby . Two un-named people were at that time in custody on suspicion of murder but the police according to Sky news had told us that "we shouldn't read too much into that" :roll:
The Mail identified one of the suspects as "believed to be ..." who I think was the mother of some of some of the victims half siblings. The two people have now been released without charge and the story pulled.

My question is ,as emotions are obviously running high in the area and the police seem to suspect foul play, can the Mail legally identify and name suspects in this manner? I know papers did with the Jo Yeates murder but weren't things supposed to change after that?
By Giant f*cking Sudoku
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It's one of the very worst things all these tabloids are guilty of, because if you think of the type of environments some of these incidents play out in, it puts the 'suspects' in very real danger.
How they get away with standing outside courthouses taking photos of people going in and out I have no idea. It all smacks of police collusion. Now that's a story they don't want to embellish, even though it's now been proven to be blatant and rife within the News International stable. There should be full transparency of any officers involved with briefing Associated Newspapers.

The Jefferies verdict was as good as it got, to see them finally humbled and shamed for such awful tactics.
By Samanfur
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What got to me was the way that, when asked directly at the press conference to provide information on the victims, the reporters present were firmly rebuffed and even told that they were being inappropriate and ghoulish when the family hadn't even been properly informed.

So, ten minutes later - presumably after a lot of frantic door-knocking - we got multiple channels using the old "named locally as" or "believed to be" cop-out instead.
By new puritan
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Don't know if anyone else has already seen this but tabloid gobshite Carole Malone came perilously close to trying to justify this attack on This Morning the other day. Not sure I'd describe a murder case as an 'accident waiting to happen', but there we are.

By Abernathy
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For FUCK's sake. She is saying straight up that this famly was asking to be the victims of a murderous arson attack. Absolutely disgraceful.

If there were a hell, I hope there would be a special place reserved for this vile harridan.

ETA : BeauBoDor nails even this:

By Paul
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Carole Malone sparks outrage as she condemns blaze deaths of six children as an 'accident waiting to happen'

Read more: ... z1vAr2VmHR" onclick=";return false;

Mail readers agree with her !
As cruel as it is that such young lives have been lost, Carole Malone is not wrong. This man, irrespective of income and financial status kept knocking kids out at an alarming rate and expected everyone else to support him. I would imagine it did upset people. That said, there was no need for the horrific arson attack that ensued.

- SANDRA, ILFORD, 17/5/2012 3:47
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Carole Malone should learn to keep her mouth shut, how heartless can a person be. Nobody deserves to go through what this family are currently going through, how many children they have is their own business and nobody else's.

- Alison, Derbyshire, 17/5/2012 4:17
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By Andy McDandy
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Sandra of Ilford can fuck herself to death with a spiked dildo. Note the cop-out sentance at the end of her comment. Fucking moral coward.
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