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Dr Richard Taylor, the former GP who was elected successfully as an independent MP on the basis of opposition to plans to close his local hospital, has announced that he will lead a new political party comprising medical professionals aimed primarily at opposing the changes to the NHS in the Health & Social Care Act. The party will supposedly "carefully target" about 50 seats at the General Election.

Hmmmm. Could be a not-bad idea. They will need to target seats where Labour has no chance, though. But if they get it right I could just about envisage a partial re-run of Tatton in 1997, when Labour and the Lib Dems stood their candidates down to give Martin Bell a clear run at Neil Hamilton.

Then again, Tatton then elected George fucking Osborne after Bell in 2005. So maybe not a brilliant idea to to even consider risking splitting the anti-government vote.
Quite a good response here, also hoping that some of our francophile contributors might be able to say whether things in the French situation worked quite as well as she says. ... ternative/
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