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ABORT! Embarrassment as historic launch of first private mission into space is cancelled just a SECOND before lift-off

A private space cargo firm's historic launch to the International Space Station descended into chaos this morning when the mission was abandoned just one second before lift-off.

Embarrassment ?? How many of you can even repair a car properly ? If it weren't for innovators like them we would still be pushing carts.. Its disappointment but certainly not Embarrassment

- Arul, India, 19/5/2012 10:55
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This is not embarrassment. Aborted takeoff's are routine and expected, just look at Nasa's Shuttle history... It isn't just a case of lighting a fuse and watching it go. It would have been much worse if it had exploded on take off.

- Jonathan, Suffolk, 19/5/2012 10:51
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Embarrassment? Descended into chaos this morning? Nonsense! The on-board computer detected a potential problem, and correctly aborted the launch. The launch team then calmly and professionally followed procedures to safe the launch vehicle. All launches to the ISS have a very short launch window.

- Alfred, UK, 19/5/2012 11:08
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What a miserable, grumpy headline! This is a Space X test flight - they and NASA have told us this. Better systems cut out than the whole thing go wrong in flight. Come on DM - you should be cheering private enterprise on! I applaud Space X's dreams and wish them luck.

- Clive, Reigate UK, 19/5/2012 11:28
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steam !!! don't you mean liquid oxygen venting as on all rockets of this type ??

- derek, doncaster, 19/5/2012 10:30
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<Cunt check>
End this EU madness NOW.

- Big Bertha, Bromley, 19/5/2012 11:36
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By Arnold
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The unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was set to blast off from Cape Canaveral just before 10am this morning (GMT) along with its Dragon capsule loaded with 1,000lbs of space station provisions that included the ashes of James Foohan, who played Scotty in Star Trek (inset). But despite the countdown reaching down all the way to zero, apparent technical problems left Falcon 9 rooted to the launch pad.
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