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By Citizen Smith
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Interesting juxtaposition in the Mail today:
A total of 25,944 people sought cannabis treatment at hospitals and clinics last year - almost 500 adults and children a week.
EVIL CANNABIS: ... ge_id=1770

But hang on, because:

1,000 victims of binge-drink Britain hospitalised every day ... ge_id=1770
By daveinbrum
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Citizen Smith wrote: 1,000 victims of binge-drink Britain hospitalised every day ... ge_id=1770
How can this be? Surely doctors will refuse treatment as these people have self-inflicted illnesses. Or are they just picking on the obese and smokers?
Nu Labour double-standards?

- Stuart A, Simpsonville, USA
I thought anyone with self-inflicted problems was going to be refused treatment, we can't get in our local hospital with genuine medical problems, although at the moment it is all but closed down because of bugs.

- Jimpy, Lincs
Idiots - even if a rule on 'self-inflicted' problems comes in in future, it hasn't yet. Just because you read something in the Mail doesn't mean it's happened.
By Sarah
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Some more delightful comments today in the article about Corinne being seen in public for the first time since her husband's death.

(The article describes her as 'grieving' and 'grief-stricken', well maybe have some sensitivity and avoid following and photographing her for the world to gawp at how sad she looks then?)
No sympathy for just another dead junkie.

- Robert Browne, Liverpool
I remember seeing her on 'Later with Jools Holland' once, and Eddie Vedder, (Pearl Jam ere also on) went over in the middle of a song, and danced with her.
She's so talented, and I feel sorry for her loss, but having known people who used to smoke 'pot', and seeing what even that does, I cannot muster any sympathy for her husband.

- Kim, Hampshire, UK
Eh? What does Eddie Vedder dancing with her have to do with anything?

And how can the effects of pot be compared to the effects of the hard drugs he probably overdosed on?
By MisterMuncher
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I suppose this is the thread for the vile effluvia posted on the matter of Mark Speight. I apologise. These remarks made me feel a little ill.

"Mark and Natasha were heavy drinkers and heavy drug takers. Where were all their so-called 'friends'? Certainly not helping/encouraging them to stop; plying them with the stuff, no doubt. Yes, it's a shame that he and she died, but neither of them were blameless."

"Roll the dice enough times and it will land on six. There is no such thing as recreational drug use. Drugs kill and ruin lives. Now two people are dead as a result of the drug culture. Please learn the lesson."

"No pity for either of them what so ever. They made a "lifestyle" choice and paid the price. Two more great role models for the young. People just won't learn and regrettably these two won't be the last."

"That's what booze and drugs do to you. No one forced him down that path. Sorry, I have no sympathy when supposed role models do such things."

"You live by hard drugs, you die by hard drugs. Let's hope some good comes out of these tragedies and people learn from this. Let us also hope the hundreds of celebrities feeding the drugs trade with their habit, thereby causing misery for millions, also learn, but I doubt they will."

"Okay it's sad but don't forget it was self afflicted these people can not cope with life without the use of drugs results of to much money and not enough common sense."

Cheers. Perhaps you could let the fucking dirt settle on the man's coffin before you dance the self righteous conga over his grave. I particularly like the scarcely literate last comment.

Still, it wouldn't be right if it didn't, somehow, turn out to be the Labour Party's fault.

"If you are laying the blame on cocaine you might as well go the whole hog and rightfully blame the Labour party. It is Labour and their puppet judges who have had a 'hands-off' policy towards class A drug use, especially when the rich and famous are found out."

Indeed. Prior to 1997, one was ankle deep in celeb coke busts.
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By Antigherkin
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Chris wrote:In a roundabout way, I suppose. His girlfriend's death was not due to drugs, but from what I gather, she fell asleep in the bath because of the drugs. Still, it's sad that he felt there was no other way.
She wasn't in the bath, she was running it and collapsed into it: it was scalding hot and she suffered 40% burns. I think it was a heart attack brought on by the combination of coke and sleeping pills that killed her though.
By Sarah
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I think the autopsy ruled that the drugs would have probably killed her whether she was in the hot water or not.

In a rather insensitive article about Speight leaving two suicide notes, they've chosen to headline it by tagging him as 'Cocaine scandal TV presenter Mark Speight.'

Never mind that the poor man felt the need to end his own life in a very tragic and lonely way. HE TOOK DRUGS.
By Adrian
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I also hate the way they've capitalised 'TWO' (as in 'TWO suicide notes') in the headline, as if writing two notes is perhaps unforgivably self-indulgent or something.

It's also interesting how those comment people seem to think they know it all about hard drugs. It's entirely possible to take pretty much any drug without letting it take over your life, even heroin.
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