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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I hope it's OK to make a couple of suggestions for future development here.

I like the Like button, and it seems that other people do, too. But it's clunky, both to give and receive. I don't need the 'heads up' message and having to click twice to see which post has been liked is a bit naff. Can that be streamlined? On other fora it's just a simple click to like, and one click to see who has liked what.

Can we have more buttons? 'Like' is a bit approximate. I'd (personally) like to see 'Agree', 'Funny', 'Informative', 'Supportive' and 'Ya must be an eejit'.

I'd also like a unicorn and a pygmy goat.
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Luckily for thee, Boiler has no imagination.

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Well I, for one, am chuffed. Thank you, Arlene.