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Unfortunately it's pretty much a constant battle with spambots. For the last few years, the admin team have manually been activating accounts from a list of attempted registrations. It's anything up to about 100 a day with robotic registrations. We've now moved onto an automated screening system which largely seems to be functioning properly, but a couple so far have got through.
**** POLLS *****

The code fairy has been in the middle of the night and fixed the polls. TBH, it seems to me to be unnecessarily complex.

Basically, we can now see the checkboxes although clicking on the option itself is still required. That is, at first sight, somewhat counter-intuitive but I am guessing that we will all get the hang of it. Anything more requires a core hack. That is easy enough but, again, could give us gyp down the line.

@Timbo You might want to flush that Christmas Lunch poll so we can all start again.

It is probably also right and proper to issue a permanent and lifelong ban to any Enemies Of The Parsnip. We can't have that kind of negativity poisoning the discourse.
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