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I see the site is now availing of protection from Cloudfare. :spy:
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Noted that among the "reaction" buttons, "Supportive" has been relabelled "Here's a Hug". Spoony approves. :thumbsup:
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Cheers, I would not normally do moddy things but I had been charging in to the hoarded rosso. There isn't much left.
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By Timbo
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Hi Malc - sorry to hear about this. The forum is a few versions behind on the core software and the various add-ons. As we've made some customisations it's slowed down the process of upgrading but hopefully this is one of those gremlins that should be squashed when we do. Might be a little while unfortunately as I've got my masters dissertation to get out of the way first! Sorry I can't bring any better news, but your patience is much appreciated.
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