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By Esqui
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I've noticed a couple of forum issues cropping up recently. Namely:

- posts being posted several times over
- mods being unable to delete edit posts

For the second, I shall try and sort it when I have time.

For the first, please make sure you only hit 'submit' once. Even if it takes a while, it should still work. Though seeing how many times this is happening, and given the average intelligence of people here, it may not be that causing it.

Any more problems, post below...
By Timbo
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Either I'm going mad, or some of my replies are being put in posts other than where I intended...

I'm about 50/50 on this, but if anyone else has had the same thing I'd appreciate the reassurance!
By shyamz
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A similar thing happened to me once a while back.

Is it just me or has anyone else here been getting e-mail updates from forum topics that haven't actually been replied to for days, or in some cases not in months or even since last year or longer? Most are just taking you back to the first page as well.

I use the e-mail updates to save time having to search topics and remember where I've been, but the system seems to be a bit confused at the moment.
By Paul
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:I'm getting emails that make precious little sense (and I reported the Couscous Spammer in case the mod hadn't noticed it, but I just got told off...)

by whom?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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You? Somebody on the team. Who takes the penalties?
You are receiving this notification because the report you filed on the
post "Re: Mail hypocrisy" in "Mail hypocrisy" at "Mailwatch "So-Called"
Forum" was deleted by a moderator or by an administrator.
Thanks, The Mailwatch Team
Why was the report deleted? Eh? Eh?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Oh, the telling off!

Mordon. For reporting the spammer twice.
Could i ask people to just make the one report if they spot a spammer, no need to report every occurrence. Its took me 15 min just to remove all the (!) from the board and i'm meant to be having a few days Urlab.
Just trying to help...
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it's possiable he doesn't mean you, but someone else who did a lot more reports.
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