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By Bones McCoy
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I've had a look back and seen that an awful lot of the traffic here occurs on the 12th of each month.

I'd have a check whether the ISP (or are they all service providers now) does some kind of regular monthly maintenance.
By Daley Mayle
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BTW, once UKIP has decided on a new Fuhrer I'll send Merk a replacement header.

Having said that the existing header underlines the interesting times the major political parties are living through. Even Leveson is now history. The only constant is Dacre and his Imps. Depressing or what?
By Abernathy
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Dear Mailwatch forum Techie chums.

Like most people, I imagine, I have the "keep me logged in" option ticked on my Mailwatch Forum page, so that I don't have to remember the feckin password every time I want to logon and write shite.

I habitually use three devices to access Mailwatch - a desktop machine, a laptop, and an Ipad.

But now I've somehow been logged out of the forum on my desktop machine, and guess what, I've completely forgotten my fecking password. Seemples, you say, just re-set your password on the user control panel. Ahh, but the trouble with that is that you need your original password to do it, which of course I don't have because I've forgotten the fucker.

How do I find out what my original password is? Or alternatively would one of you kindly forum admin spods please re-set my existing password to something that I could then use to get in, change the password, remember it to avoid this in future, and restore normal service?

Help me, Obi Wan KeMayley, you're my only hope.
By Boiler
Hopefully this is the right place to put this, but when I'm logged in nearly every page navigation/action I carry out results in a blank page with

Fatal: ./cache/ is NOT writable.

appearing at the top left. Refreshing the page usually loads the intended page. It doesn't occur when I'm logged out.

Now: is it my setup (it appears to do it on my mobile and my lapdog) or is it a forum issue? Apologies if it's already been covered.
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