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By Tom_UK
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merk wrote:ahhhh right I see. hmmm I could try making that happen - but it might fuck EVERYTHING up.

you have been warned.

http://www.bbc.co.uk" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


ok. that works now. you bunch of moaning pc brigade liberal Euro loving bastards. I hope you're happy.
OK, that works but I just inadvertently clicked on a website full of communist propaganda :twisted:
By shyamz
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I wondered why everything looked weird, and why I didn't end up with the quote I expected when clicking the quote button, it's at the bottom now.

Should have read the update first I guess.

All seems to work though.
I'll need to be carefull 'till I get used to it however, because when viewing the page via the DS the "submit" button is directly above the "cancel" button, no space between. (It's fine if you're just going back to edit a post, the cancel button isn't there).
Using colours and smilies in posts is a pain on the DS, but I'm used to that already. :) :( ;) (those are pretty much all I can remember the symbols for, so I rarely use any others).

I'm anticipating at least one big sweary posting accident soon. :)

Don't know what I think of the new colour, I quite liked the original newspaper coloured forum, but I don't really mind either way.

Good job.
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i've got to stop accidently subcribing to topics. i keep missing the "board index" button and hitting that one instead.
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