Feature and community announcements, and technical support relating to the forum itself
By Esqui
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General Guidelines
1. We want the forum to pride itself on free expression and intelligent debate. There are few guidelines, but please respect them to make the forum a better environment for all.
2. Debate is encouraged and welcome. Please do not let it turn into a flame war. If you think a member is going against the forum guidelines, we would always encourage you to report the post rather than respond and potentially inflame the situation.
3. Please do not claim to represent the site. You represent yourself only.
4. For avatars and signatures, please remember that people browse these forums at work, so do not make them too risqué.

Registration Guidelines
1. There are no guest accounts. Users must register in order to post.
2. All registrations require moderator approval, in order to reduce spam registrations. In addition, certain email domains are not accepted. Please try to use an alternative email address if yours is not accepted.
3. Occasionally, I may accidentally think you're a spammer and not approve your account. If this happens, try and re-register by putting some info in your registration details that will put it beyond all doubt.

Posting Guidelines
We try to minimise any interference in what people are allowed to post. However, please bear the following in mind:
1. There are no censored words. However, please try to keep bad language to a minimum, and preferably not in giant text (people do like to browse these forums at work)
2. Posting pornography or encouraging illegal acts is not permitted.
3. Spamming or advertising is not permitted. You can, of course, promote your own websites where relevant to the discussion.
4. Please bear in mind any legal issues regarding the content you post. We will remove content that we think could get us into trouble.
5. There is the possibility that someone may post something you find offensive, or in poor taste. We will not protect you from being offended, but if you do find something offended, either respond in a measured, justified way to the post, or report the post.
6. Do not insult other members. You may feel you can justify it, but do bear in mind that saying "You're a **** because you said this" will only leave the recipient remembering that you called them a ****. If a post is reported and deemed to be unnecessarily offensive, we may delete it.
7. The majority of people here share similar views on politics, economics, the media, etc. This is not news to us, we know...there's no need to post purely to tell us. If you have views that are different from many people here, expect many arguments against your views. If you can't handle that, try not to get into much of a debate. If you can, be ready with statistics and news sources to back up your assertions (this goes for both sides!)
8. Please treat all members, including staff, with respect.

Staff Guidelines
I am posting these so that members can see the standards staff must have
1. Your role is to uphold the central tenets of what the forum is about - to allow free speech, to encourage intelligent debate.
2. You should consider that your role means that you should set an example to other members.
3. You should remain neutral in disputes. If this is not possible, please make sure that other staff members are aware of this so that they can take action instead.
4. Any formal sanctions must be posted in the warning and banning thread.
5. Do not take action against a member if you are unable to completely justify it, and that it fits with the guidelines. In the event of doubt, always post in the staff forum to get a second (or third) opinion.
6. Being a staff member is a position of privilege, not one of power. It is not acceptable to threaten members with sanctions (though you can remind them of the guidelines).
7. In the event that a staff member breaks these guidelines, at least two other staff members will agree the action to be taken.
8. If you have to edit or remove a post, put the reason why in the post. Likewise, if a post is reported and it's decided not to change it, note this in the post.

Forum Staff
(This is to be updated).
Global moderators
The moderators have these powers:
Delete and edit posts or topics, or merge, lock and split topics
See and respond to reported posts
Issue warnings
Moderators cannot issue bans (these must go via admins) or delete users

The admins have the same powers as global moderators, and in addition can:
Change permissions for other users, but not other admins (e.g. to remove posting or PM privileges of those abusing them)
Add or remove word censors
Manage bans, delete users, set custom profile titles
Manage, add, remove or edit forum categories
Admins cannot manage the forum database, send out mass emails, alter jabber, server or php settings

We will now have a clear and defined process for dealing with breaches of these guidelines. All of these (except informal warnings) will be posted in the warnings and bannings thread:
First two offences - informal warning: this will generally take the form of a response in a thread reminding you of the guidelines. This will not be recorded in the warnings thread.
Third offence - formal warning: this will be done using the forum software. A warning will last for 30 days, before it is removed.
Fourth offence - 24 hour suspension: this will be to give you a break from the forum for a short while.
Fifth offence - 48 hour suspension
Sixth offence - 7 day suspension
Seventh offence - Permanent suspension: this will generally be done only in extreme cases, such as persistent trolling. However, spam accounts will receive an automatic permanent ban.

If you feel that your punishment is not justified, or doesn't fit with what is written above please contact one of the admin team - or more, if you feel that just one person may not be neutral in your case.
By Timbo
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Expanding on this, as this issue has been raised recently in discussion amongst the admin team, no form of bigotry or discrimination will be tolerated on Mailwatch. For the sake of clarity, this includes racism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, ableism and anti trans bigotry, including deliberate misgendering and/or dead-naming.
By Kreuzberger
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Animated gifs as avatars. They are banned as of midnight, CET, tonight.
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