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By Abernathy
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As one not generally given to sloppy sentimentality or self-congratulation, I nevertheless think it reasonable to mark another year of Mailwatch's continuing existence. This site here is, actually, quite an important and significant presence on the web, just as the Mail and the Mail Online remain two of the most damaging and pernicious influences on Britain's society and polity. We do need to counter the tide of pish, in however small a way.

In short, we're doing a great job, and we should make sure we keep on doing it. It's appropriate to thank Esqui and her team for their work in keeping the site going, even if the odd SQL crashes might sometimes be sorted more promptly.

But on a personal note, thanks for being a fine bunch of people. You all have a social conscience, your hearts are all in the right place, and you're all outraged, like me, by Dacre's poison. I feel comfortable with you guys.

Okay, that's quite enough sentimental shite.

You're all a bunch of cunts. :mrgreen:
By JuanTwoThree
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We are doing a little good deed in a big naughty world.

Which is a very good reason for anybody who decided to stop posting and hanging out here to start doing it again.

You may or may not have had good reasons to be fed up but reappearing again is not apologising or humiliating yourselves, or a climb-down. Just think of it a bit of time off.

As for the reaction of the rest of us, I'd not even mention the reappearance of an old adversary. Even "welcome back" can sound like crowing. Best just to carry on as if nothing had happened.
By Esqui
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I do love this place, and I hope it continues for many years - we celebrate our 8th birthday in March!

There have been many people who have come and gone, and I do miss some of them. But those who are here, are a great bunch of people and despite our differences, we generally get on well.

We might be a small fry compared to Mailonline, and we'll never be anything but. I do hope, however, that we can carry on pointing out their bullshit, and become a thorn in their side!
By Andy McDandy
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We may be small, but I like to think of us as the annoying mosquito in the Mail's bedroom.

Every lie we expose, every restless night we cause, every time we make a reader question the veracity of a story or trouble the conscience of a mod or writer, we're doing some good.

Happy new year and thanks for everything.
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