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By merk
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I'm afraid I've had to succumb to the evils of moving the google ads to the forum since the front page no longer exists. I hope this wont be too intrusive but please let me know if it is, likewise, if there are any adverts showing that members feel are inappropriate please let me know and I will block them.

I'm sorry I've had to do this, and if money were no object I wouldn't, but I have to pay for the server somehow. These ads help a little toward that cost (about 10% of the server costs is met by the ads, the rest is from my pocket).

Please feel free to send me a message on here or tweet me @bigdaddymerk if you have any questions.


Edited for spelling
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No prob, although if it's at all possible to remove the ones appearing inbetween comments that would be good as those are a little intrusive (although obviously leave as is if this would cut the revenue).
By Safe_Timber_Man
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They are very nice, to be fair. I wouldn't have got them if it wasn't for the new Ads, so I have to thank for my new purchase. I'll enjoy them, and you enjoy your new block of soviet flats!

On topic - the Ads are fine, especially now they aren't between posts. A small price to pay.
By merk
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sporran wrote:Yep no complaints here. Although given the targeted nature of Adwords, are we going to start seeing Amazon bargain bin ads for Littlejohn's latest scrawlings??
Probably, but this is why I need you all to let me know if there's any shite like that being advertised. I can block sites/keywords/etc.
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merk wrote:how's that? not too intrusive?
Just grand now, thank you :)
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