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By Timbo
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I recently found myself pondering how we should structure the forum in the run-up and following the next general election. It seems to me that the best idea may just be to split 'The Government' into 'Conservatives' and 'Lib Dems', so there is one forum for each major party, the rest remaining the same.

What do people think? It may even be worth creating one for the kippers, some of their characters are worthy of their own threads. Maybe as a sub-forum of 'Other UK Parties'.

At the risk of letting the genie out of the bottle - does anybody think there are any other things that have and haven't worked since the last re-org?
By Esqui
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My thoughts...

The 'Celebrities' subforum isn't used all that much
The 'American and World politics' subforum is good, and could be used a lot more - the "Meanwhile..." threads often contain several different topics pertaining to a country
'Blogs' section is barely used
I don't know if a separate Lib Dem section would be viable after the elections. Maybe just Labour, Tories and Other?
Also, how about a temporary 'General Election' subforum?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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In terms of features, is it possible to set the software to allow us to just follow certain threads? Then the unused thread problem goes away.

And a kudos/like button would be good.
By Kreuzberger
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I do rather like the idea of The Libdems having their own separate section though. It will give us somewhere to come back to each year and lay flowers. Or laugh.
By Timbo
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Thanks for the feedback so far. I agree that Single Issue Threads probably worked better as 'The Mail vs.', so we will probably revert it to that. I like the suggestion of a kudos system too, I will message Merk and have a word about that.

There is also the option to upgrade the visual style. I might have a play with that and see what people think! If you see it looking different, please let me know your opinions.

EDIT: Just tried the style upgrade, and whilst it worked, it ended up in quite a garish default state. It seems some work is required prior to any visual upgrade.
By ezinra
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I'm not enthusiastic about a kudos button: I don't see the point. This is a small forum with relatively few posts per day; there's no need to sift out posts that do not interest the multitude. Long-standing posters know each other, and their views, quite well; I, for instance, would kudos just about everything that Tubby posts. Better to PM your favourite poster to say: I agree with you and think you are great. Also, I'm wary of popularity contests.
By ezinra
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How about a 'Like' button then?
What is the argument in favour? I'm open to changing my mind, but I can only see negatives (polarisation, popularity contests).

The 'thanks' function exists on another forum I use. It makes sense as a supportive strategy for people to talk freely about things that are painful for them or induce anxiety. For discussing politics, not so much.
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