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By Safe_Timber_Man
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Daley Mayle wrote:I was just about to change the Forum banner when I thought, best not just now, best wait until the politicking is all sorted out over the next few months.

Thank you for your patience

Prevarication Man.
I'd actually been playing about with some ideas (very very early stages as you can see). Did you have one already pretty much made? If you're open to ideas or user made suggestions/vote I'd be happy to partake.

By Abernathy
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Crispin Flange has sent me a pigeon to say that he approves of STM's new prototype banner. Said something about it being a stark reminder of the passing fancy that is life, where the hovering angel of death is ever present. And something else about not wanting to touch that Katie Hopkins with yours.

Sometimes, Crispin's utterings are a mystery to me.
By The Red Arrow
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Quentin sees his work as a provocative homage to his favourite artists that should embolden viewers to ask questions of themselves as much as they do of the media's effect on a gullible society - at once, both a beacon of hope and a warning.
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By The Red Arrow
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Peace be upon her. On this very day it has been announced that she's the 13th best rocker in the World, according to the words of the holy Kerrang. Up yours, Sir Cliff.

SU-METAL is named in Kerrang's "50 greatest rockers."
By SBS PopAsia HQ
3 Jul 2016 - 7:57 AM

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