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By Malcolm Armsteen
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I hope it's OK to make a couple of suggestions for future development here.

I like the Like button, and it seems that other people do, too. But it's clunky, both to give and receive. I don't need the 'heads up' message and having to click twice to see which post has been liked is a bit naff. Can that be streamlined? On other fora it's just a simple click to like, and one click to see who has liked what.

Can we have more buttons? 'Like' is a bit approximate. I'd (personally) like to see 'Agree', 'Funny', 'Informative', 'Supportive' and 'Ya must be an eejit'.

I'd also like a unicorn and a pygmy goat.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
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No problems on the ipad, but the heading isn’t docked, which is a pity as that would be even more useful on a tablet/phone.
By Kreuzberger
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It should work its way though. Tablets cache whatever they can and as hard as they can - they are trying to wring as much apparent speed out of their meagre resources as possible.

It is working as expected on the FFX and Chrome emulators, and here on my iPad. Te change should come though eventually but I'll smack the caches anyway, just for good measure.
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