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Look I thought long and hard about opening this thread it's just the last post that wasn't posted by me was at 1:45. So I decided to open a thread similar to the one Abernathy opened a couple of weeks ago.
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Come on, it's Sunday and if it was sunny here oop North, I'm guessing it was everywhere. People are out enjoying the summer. Even I - whose ambition is to be a recluse - left the house to go see my nephew!
I was out all day yesterday from 6.30am to 9.30pm. Today I've been tidying up, reading, cooking dinner. I promise that tomorrow I'll do better, but I've not really had anything I wanted to post. I'll be light on posting tomorrow as I'm going shopping in the morning, then collecting my grand-daughter from school and spending the afternoon and evening with her. I'm just about to email all my members with details of a member's funeral and the agenda for our next meeting.

By Daley Mayle
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I tweaked your thread title LJB, following a slow news weekend it would be interesting to see what MailWatchers were doing.

Me? Well, the story started eight years ago when we took on a rescue dog with bladder issues who would wee by the back door. Mrs Mayle wanted Something Done and when Mrs Mayle wants Something Done she means Now. I reluctantly bought floor tiles to replace the urine soaked carpet and meanwhile started house training the dog. Tina was a smart dog and, via the dog flap, had 24/7 access to the back patio so the problem went away and the floor tiles went into the shed. A deep clean of the carpet sorted the doggie smells. Sorted. To be honest I really didn't want to do it.

<insert movie cliche of calendars being turned faster and faster>

It is now early July 2015 and following a clear out of the shed I came across the tiles. Tina had died earlier this year (lovely dog, I miss her terribly) and we had taken on yet another rescue dog who also needed house training. The carpet was knackered, it was 15 years old, sun faded and worn so I decided to replace it with these tiles. I started work on Thursday and, on Sunday, I was adding the trim to join the tiles with the stairs carpet, into my office and another room. Took all day, fiddly as hell.

Mrs M is well pleased, many brownie points have been earned and I was presented with a 'Get Around To It' award for my tile laying procrastination.

I was lurking, mind.
By D.C. Harrison
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As aluded to, I popped over to the wrong side of the Pennines to see my nephew. He's nearly one year old and his favourite activity is opening and shutting doors.

Then I came home and watched Agent Carter. Good times.
Daley Mayle wrote:It is now early July 2015 and following a clear out of the shed I came across the tiles.
By Andy McDandy
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Woke up for the final day of an LRP event. Spent the morning hacking away at people with a foam rubber sword, before picnic lunch and taking down of tent, and drive across the east Midlands to drop off my partner (she's housesitting while her parents are on holiday), watch the Wimbledon final, have dinner, go home, check emails, watch a film, have shower, go to bed.
By Son Of Hand
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I visited Charles Darwin's house, at Downe near Orpington. It's been a few years since I last popped by, and this time I was - unusually - alone in my travels. There was a bit of rain, and the occasional engine from Biggin Hill, but none of that spoiled the atmosphere.

I then went home and dug out my old copy of 'Voyage Of The Beagle', and will re-read it just as soon as I've finished the latest Stephen King.
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