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By Giant f*cking Sudoku
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The pattern from what I can see is:

"hmm, let's start another plot to unseat this awful Corbyn fellow from our beloved centrist party we've served with all our intellectual might for 50 years!"

Person objects.

"Twat! Fuck off! Get help, moron - baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!"

So it turns out, some of the key people here, indeed, heavy 'clicktivists' with astronomical post numbers, were as illiberal, irrational and intolerant as Stephen fukken Glover all along :roll: :cry:

Question: who elects the red name tags anyway?
By The Weeping Angel
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Look. This isn't about you.
It's about trying to get this board back onto a sensible footing.

I'd like to see what people think about mine and Arrer's plan.
So why has Kreuzberger been around spreading his innuendos and smears. Look I'm all for helping this forum, but I'm not going to sit here and be blamed for the problems on this forum.
By The Red Arrow
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Right. Should we reach some consensus on locking/removing certain portions of these boards? Which ones are for the chop and which ones remain? Would removing the political discussion section just result in individuals opening new topics elsewhere? Can we at least reach agreement that much stricter moderation should be enforced?
By Giant f*cking Sudoku
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The entire board is political, lol
Some things can't be neatly put back in a box.

Maybe give veteran typist Malc a red label, and he'll STFU a bit (or just ban people on sight who don't sing from his hymn sheet).
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Yes, stricter moderation. Especially for abuse. Public warnings. I got one once, so I don't see why others shouldn't. Yellow cards.

Yes - either bring in a system whereby we can 'favourite' threads so we only see the ones we want to, or put them in a hidden section where only members can access them. We aren't doing ourselves any favours at the moment.

A general brake on political threads would be good, but I can't see how to do it. More thread locking? What I'd like to see is the ignoring of people who bang on about the same thing all the time when almost everyone says they're being boring, but that wouldn't work.

I don't want Orca to go, I want to see Carlos and Young Winston back. They all add/added something to this forum. Present posters - not always so much...
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I'm sure there is some sort of voting system on forums which can be applied to single posts. If somebody posts something particularly shit the post can be hidden if enough people down vote it (but can still be read at the press of a button, similar to "spoiler tags" on gaming forums).
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