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By Timbo
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Due to unprecedented, and ongoing, current events, we've started to see long-standing and welcome contributors turning on each other and resorting to posting in a very hostile and often unpleasant manner.

As a result, I've taken the difficult decision to suspend the entire Labour forum. This will hopefully be a short-term measure. The admin team will be reviewing the situation constantly, and I must ask that all members please refrain from discussion of contentious topics around the Labour party in other threads. This is how we will be picking out those members who are determined to pick a fight, and taking appropriate action.

For the rest of you, I apologise for the inconvenience and ask for your patience through this difficult period.
By mikey mikey
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Giant f*cking Sudoku wrote:Timbo on Labourwatch, couldn't make it up :shock:
Sorry GFS but no.

Timbo is very fair.

You're barking up the wrong tree.
By Giant f*cking Sudoku
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lol, all discussion of anything Labour on this forum is now banned? Guess the bully boys didn't like being spoken back to.

If any Mail journalists could see this, they would piss themselves laughing, seriously.
By Timbo
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Yep, and I guess the bully boys will have to be quiet, too. Please feel free to enjoy the rest of the forum. In the meantime, any Mail journalists reading this are more than welcome to contact me for comment.
By Kreuzberger
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bluebellnutter wrote:It's amazing how much more pleasant the mood has been round here today with it locked actually
It is, indeed. I actually liked the Labour board because it was a place where I could find informed comment and analysis which added much needed and valuable colour to general news reports from elsewhere. I do hope that it returns to something akin to what it was.
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