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By Boiler
Well, an hour later and I can still delete the post above. BTW, the settings on the XenForo-based forum I use allow perpetual editing, but you cannot delete your own posts at all - only a mod can do that.
By Timbo
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OK - we have two new features today:

User mentions: Just use the @ key and a list of users who have contributed to the thread you are already in will appear. You can then tag them directly in the post, and they will receive a notification that you have done so. You can manually enter the names of users who haven't already contributed to the topic.

Social media sharing: There is now the option to share threads directly to social media. I'm looking at enhancing this further over the coming weeks. I'm aware that the formatting of the button may be a bit off for some people, this is being examined.

Remember also that you can now embed tweets, YouTube vids and FB videos directly by simply posting the links to them, no wrappers or BB code is required.

Important - There is now a Mailwatch Facebook page, which is where the site admin team will post any service updates etc. in the event of any issues with the forum. The page can be found at:
It won't be posting in your timelines unless the forum goes down, so it is safe for you to Follow or Like it.
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By Timbo
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I don't think there's any connection established between my FB account (which is the admin of the Mailwatch FB page) and the people who follow it. If any members are uncomfortable doing so then just remember the name of the page, and you should be able to find it for information if Mailwatch goes down for any reason.
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By Timbo
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Fozzy wrote:
Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:38 pm
There used to be a facility whereby you could mark all the posts in a particular forum as read. Is it possible in this format?
Hey Fozzy - yes, it's still there. It's on the right hand side up near the top in each sub-forum, a button labelled 'Mark Topics Read'. It's next to the button with a picture of an eye on it. Let me know if any problems, we're still getting a few glitches ironed out here and there :)
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