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Yeah, the links posted while the issue was present won't work as they are. If anyone has posted a link and wants to make it work, you just need to edit your post, then click 'submit' without actually editing anything. It will automatically sort the link out then. As and when I spot dead ones in the threads, I'll fix them for you, but I'm afraid this is as good as we're going to get on that issue.

The login problem appears to be a bit bigger, but I'm looking into it.

EDIT: Some links posted during the issue still seem to refuse to generate correctly. Please post here if you have issues posting new links in new posts from now on. Thanks
I'm perturbed by the constant awarding of, then rapid removal of a 'most popular person in the history of the internet' award or whatever it's called. Not for myself, you understand, but for the millions who take time out of their downtrodden lives to recognise my genius and charisma - the little people who look up to me, the voiceless for whom I speak, the tired and hungry whom I energise and nourish.

Such an award should be recognised not as some trinket to be placed alongside my other multitudinous accolades, but as a shared symbol of hope for all of those standing with me in common cause as we fight to make this world a better place for all. In stripping me - numerous times, I might add - of this honour, an injustice has been served not to me, but to the populace at large, the true silent majority who look to the more cerebral person to voice their frustrations, their hopes and fears, and who now look upon themselves as victims of a heinous conspiracy.

Indeed, one wonders if - unlikely as it patently is - some other member of this august forum should be as universally adored, they have noticed a similar phenomenon being employed by an unseen and unaccountable hand?

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