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Hi Boiler - unfortunately the reactions system is a bit naff. You should (in theory) be able to see the reaction by clicking on the notification (you might have to do it twice, once to clear the notification and again to action it), which will take you to the post in question. If you then click the white star/blue triangle in the bottom right hand corner, you will see the various reactions given to your post. I hope that helps!
Would it be possible to display the ratings other than likes below the post, like what likes are?

Would be a bit more smoother. This is how it's done on another forum Boiler and I inhabit. (And BBN?)


A simple click on the icons on the right adds the rating, which is displayed on the left. Very easy, very smooth. And leads to a much more interactive forum experience.
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:
Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:38 pm
... This is how it's done on another forum Boiler and I inhabit. (And BBN?)
Got a URL so I can check the code and see how it's done? DM, park bench in Saint James's - usual drill.
http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index. ... app=forums

But you may have to register.

Park bench unavailable due to inclement weather and Liz Jones sleeping on it.
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Yep, I find if I click the notification I get taken back to the forum home screen. If I click it again it then takes me to the post
Different, unconnected events feed in to the notification system. Think of it like a mail box which receives messages from myriad sources.

Unfortunately, the "like" system is both rather limited and beyond the scope of what we can unpick and redevelop here.
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