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Having seen this catch out one or two members on one or two occasions, would it be possible to remove the redundant "Youtube" button and its associated tags, now the forum magically inserts it?
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I want to raise concerns about Russian interference on behalf of the "Remove the button" side of the argument and demand a full inquiry.
I'm trying to start a new topic (Karen Bradley) but can't get past this.
The subject of your topic is similar to existing topics. Please check them out and/or reply there instead of creating a new topic. (Links will open in a new window.)
• The Life and Times of Cllr Karen Danczuk
• Karen Cross
• Mail v Karen Matthews
• Bradley Manning
• Karen, Ex-Pat, USA
Sorted. Changed the title to something unique, and edited it after it had been accepted. Somehow, possibly due to have been saved as a draft, it had acquired several html tags such as <e> that had to be removed. Thanks.
Maybe we could do with a section for obnoxious pricks given there are several others (Farage etc.) who don't really belong in the categories they're in
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