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Not been on here for a while, had a few lurks, but just thought I’d say hello, using a Mail headline to grab attention :D

Life’s been a bit shit lately, unemployed again as the last job turned out to be short term, and it was unbelievably shite too.

Whilst away I have had a bit of a battle with a few Facebook nutters, one was some guy who remembered me from junior school and sent me a friend request. Hadn’t seen the cunt since I left there in 1971 and it turns out he’s a right wing nutter, you know, remoaners are traitors, St George’s crosses, British Patriots, lots of our boys bollocks. He now runs a pub in Radcliffe and I asked him if he was Al Murrays pub landlord character. Didn’t like it much and said I was a lefty prick.

Had to delete the twat, got bored and have had to revert to Mailwatch to get some sanity back.

Even started watching Loose Women, help...... :shock:
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youngian wrote:
Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:11 pm
It pays to wear politics lightly on public FB pages. I recently discovered a woman at my local whippet walking group is a Boris Johnson superfan and can only now look at her with contempt and pity.
Has she had any of his children?
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