Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
Nice bit of anti-miscegenation tucked into DBC.
By KevS
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So by the same logic, Dacre obviously has Jo Cox's blood on his.
By Timbo
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I remember back when I was a wee nipper of just 6 foot, there was an e-book called 'Jolly Roger's Cookbook' which was essential reading for any teenage boy of the time. It advised on Just-Williamesque japes such as making thermite, how to skim credit cards, and blowing up phone box locks for small change. The rumour that always accompanied it was that it had actually been leaked by the CIA, with deliberate mistakes, to make sure potential terrorists always blew themselves up while following the recipe. No idea if that was actually true or not, but my point is that this sort of knowledge has been doing the rounds for as long as there has been an internet, and the only real way to tackle it is to drown it out with disinformation.
Maybe it's just me, but I got the impression that anyone with half a mind and the correct motivation could knock together something that goes bang. Mechanically, chemically, physically there's absolutely nothing difficult or obscure about it. My mate, who is definitely not me, could mix perfectly serviceable ANFO, smoke bombs, thermite and other fun things at the age of 13.

It's like the FUD spread around the time of the first home 3D printers, that someone could use them to make a gun. Well, yes, of course you could. But you could also do so with a milling machine and a lathe. There's lads in Pakistan can make an AKM clone with nothing invented after about 1920. The Sten was designed to be manufactured with the absolute minimum of specialised tooling.
By youngian
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The detonation electronics is not hard to make and you can learn to cook up explosives from kids' war comics from the 70s. The Mail be wouldn't looking for ridiculous scapegoats if this was happening on Gordon Brown's watch
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By davidjay
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Back in my wild punk rocking youth, the essential item for any aspiring Sid clone was a t-shirt featuring excerpts from the Anarchist's Cookbook.
By KevS
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If Google turned round at this point and said "You're right. We're not going to list sites that might encourage people to do stupid things. We're going to start with Mail Online and see how it goes.", I'd probably still be laughing by the time Prince George became king. Even if I was dead.
By Bones McCoy
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It's the IT illiteracy of it all. Hashtags, Google. There's so much more to it.

Google isn't primarily a content provider, it maintains an index to stuff that's on the web.
There are hundreds of alternate search services that do the same, so removing stuff from google's listing won't prevent access.

Anybody can stick a bit of content on the web these days.
Even that twat Michael Green.
There are even ads on daytime telly for DIY website kits, you don't really need a mainstream provider to distribute "minority nterest" stuff.

And let's face it, this stuff has been around for much longer than any form of technology.
Think of all the far right organisations that were running mailing lists form addresses in north Wales (It always seemed to be north Wales) back before anybody had seen a floppy disk or a ZX Spectrum.
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