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By Safe_Timber_Man
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I can't imagine he gives much of a shit, but Hugh is being well and truly kicked!

Hugh's latest flop: He's starred in plenty of stinkers, but are his four bellies and a turtle neck his biggest let down yet?

*Hugh Grant, 55, waded into the sea on holiday in Marbella this week
*His face looked lined and jowly and wore ill-fitting swimming shorts
*Here experts examine the paunch, the hair, the moobs and wrinkly neck


The readers aren't playing ball, though:

simplysaid, Dublin, Ireland, 9 hours ago
What a nasty article, DM.
+2274 -30

Disillusioned me, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
A gross invasion of his privacy....Leave him alone
+663 -12

Uncle Tighthead, Harlow, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
FFS he's fifty odd. For that age he ain't doing badly. Nast article
+638 -13

romft, wells, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago
He looks fine......leave him alone........his recent film ''Florence Foster Jenkins' is fabulous.....the DM has turned into a nasty and bitter rag.
+494 -7
By Andy McDandy
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Turned into? Blimey.
By Arnold
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Dacre's revenge for his support for Press regulation.
By Bones McCoy
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Another name for the "Nigel Farage is younger than" list.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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And so the attack continues.

When you consider that the only thing she's done to incur Dacre's wrath is to try and help people in need, and encourages others to do the same, the attacks on her are quite disturbing.

And by the way, D M, she is not trying to "save the world." Mark Zuckerburg is not trying to "save the world". Angelina Jolie is not trying to "save the world". This sneering line has been trotted out at quite a rate in recently.

That's rich, Amal! How Mrs Clooney's worn £34,000 of clothes in 14 days while grandstanding as a champion of the downtrodden
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic ... odden.html

With silk dresses, £1,000 designer bags and skyscraper heels, Amal Clooney's outfits are glamorous enough to grace a red carpet.

Yet the glossy-haired human rights barrister, 38, has spent the past fortnight parading her wardrobe at events linked to issues ranging from sex slavery to the refugee crisis.

Amal wore a different designer label — often several designer labels — each day.

But given her worthy role, some of her haute couture fashion seems out of place. Even saving the world, it seems, is better done in designer clothes, be they bought or borrowed.

Annabelle77, New York, United States, 7 hours ago
And there you have it. Yes, she has every right to wear what she wants, but it does tell you where her real priorities are. I put this in the same category as Environmentalist Leo Dicaprio in his Lear jets and Range Rovers. Hypocritical as hell.
+1325 -56

Just Saying, Wherever, United States, 7 hours ago
Before I just thought she was a fake, a hypocrit and a celebrity climber - now I find her repulsive. This is completely inappropriate.
+765 -50

Mrs Runner5k, Maryland, 7 hours ago
I find it hard to take her seriously as someone who really cares as she seems so wrapped up in designer dressing. She must spend ages ordering it as she has a new outfit for every day nearly.
+674 -27

Pennielane, Beverly Hills California, United States, 7 hours ago
A "human rights lawyer" spending zillions on designers clothes and just cannot keep her life out of fashion magazines and tabloids....superficial!
+620 -23

Maple-leaf, London, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
I'm sick of these patronising "actors" and "z" stars lording over us, that we should give our hard earned money to this charity and that charity it never ends.
+354 -11

Bluetaxi, Morristown, United States, 6 hours ago
Disgusting! Ugh, Mrs. Clooney, please go away and stop this holier then thou phoniness. She's soooo impressed with herself isn't she.
+333 -8

Amel9999, sydney, Australia, 5 hours ago
she loves the cameras, check out the hair flicks.
+124 -8

And of course, some personal abuse about her appearence thrown in:

Here there, somewhere, United States, 4 hours ago
Well, she or he sucks as a lawyer, so is opting for modeling. Too bad she looks like a dr@g que3n.
+99 15

Monsoonie2000, Ashford, United Kingdom, 7 hours ago
Beaked nose idiot
+310 -59

Harriet, Toronto, Canada, 5 hours ago
Prey Mantis, nice goggle eyes.
+52 -5
By Safe_Timber_Man
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So Obama was at Necker Island last week. Branson backed Remain.

This was always coming. Careful, though, Dacre. This one can fight back.

Welcome to ego island: It's not just Obama. Branson's shamelessly invited legions of celebs and royals to his Caribbean idyll - and all for the greater glory of one man and his brand
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic ... sland.html

Picture that tells us why voters chose Brexit and Trump: Ordinary people are sick of hearing men like Branson and Obama lecturing us from sunloungers on a private island
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/artic ... Trump.html

Obama didn't lecture you from sunloungers on a private island. He came over to the UK personally. Maybe they should lecture us from a massive Scottish estate.

elf, Carmel, United States, 10 hours ago
Where are all the refugees?
+879 -40
jayne, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago
No refugees were invited I see
+661 -28
Blomsberg, Manchester, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago
Presumably given mr Branson's position on brexit, he would fully support unlimited imm1gration on to his island?
+556 -13
Sogotia7, London, United Kingdom, 10 hours ago
Richard Branson the hypo hypocrit..One of the big 1 percenters. Totally against Brexit...but lives on his own paradise island. If there are any refugees or migrants there...they are cooking and serving his dinner and drinks and cleaning his big ass.
+435 -16

I think they genuinely believe they're making a killer point when they constantly come out with this retort. Gary Lineker gets it all the time, too. Or just about anyone rich and famous who has shown compassion.

And speaking of Gary Lineker - Just spotted this further down the page:

Holier than thou? Barely a day passes without Gary Lineker sharing his 'oh, so right on' views. But while his fans pay their pennies to the HMRC, the sanctimonious presenter saves a fortune by avoiding tax
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... hemes.html
By Cyclist
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Mr Dacre, I've fixed that broken headline Mr Dacre
Uglier than thou? Barely a day passes without Paul Dacre sharing his 'oh, so right wing' views. But while his fans pay their pennies to the HMRC, the sanctimonious editor's paper saves a fortune by avoiding tax
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Not new prey, by any means, but it seems Emma Watson is back in his sights following her recent award win:

It's a pity there's no award for the most pompous, politically-correct personality on the planet because Emma Watson would be shoo-in, whatever gender she claims to be
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... atson.html

Lorraine leaves viewers stunned when she describes Emma Watson as a 'wee bit annoying' as the star wins an MTV award (but some insist it's 'what the nation's thinking')
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic ... oying.html

bitsyboo, Worthing, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
wee bit annoying ,bloody annoying ,she hasnt been on this earth 5 mins and is always banging on about something,for gods sake just do the job you are handsomely paid for a shut up
+548 -45
stuart39, london, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
not just a wee bit annoying she really, really annoying
+398 -31
Bootneck 350, Exeter, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Emma Watson Bad Actress, crusader, f e m i n a z i and downright boring!. Yawn off to America because soon enough she'll be applying to be a a citizen!
+265 -33
BeenAround123, Almost Lost, United States, 31 minutes from now
She needs to become a mother. I was much more "liberal" until I became a mom. Makes you look at the world differently..... but then again she'd name her kid Alex- gender neutral -and put the kid in yellow -gender neutral- then have neutral toys- no cars, dolls, etc. Then she'd probably get the shock of her life. If she has a "normal" kid, it would go for gender specific toys in spite of her best efforts.
+73 -15
By bluebellnutter
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Slightly different to the normal "prey" but it seems they've taken this guy for a ride.

" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


Guy puts amusing photo on Twitter
Mail Online asks to use picture
Guy says no
Mail Online uses picture anyway

" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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