Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
Lawson, who did nothing but copy the Germans and get fat.
By youngian
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Why are the Mail all sensitive about using the word saboteur? And using Lawson for cover is laughable. There were clever sincere people like Keith Joseph among the Thatcher revolutionaries but Lawson was a rotten chancellor and a bullshitting chancer not far removed from Boris Johnson.
youngian wrote:Why are the Mail all sensitive about using the word saboteur?
Because the last time they did it it backfired tremendously on them.
By KevS
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Anyone care to bet that the Mail wasn't describing Lawson as "distinguished" the morning after his resignation thirty odd years ago?
This is a total piece of tosh. Leading business figures, my arse. Tim nice but dim Martin, James Dyson, someone no one has ever heard of from the British Export Association (hardly likely not to be a cheerleader) and someone from the notoriously labour intensive and high tech world of the Scotch Whisky Association.

The 19% growth in the FT100 since Brexit has everything to do with the index being made up of multinationals and commodity firms whose overseas income is worth more due thanks to weak sterling or a rebound in commodity prices (none of which we produce) and which now cost our companies more to import. It is no more an indicator of UK economic growth than my local nail bar.

Funnily enough they neglect to mention this more meaningful indicator which is our slide down the G20 growth indicator to second bottom - with only South Africa lagging behind us.

http://www.oecd.org/media/oecdorg/direc ... 617.fw.png" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Thinking like Tom Robbins isn't going to make this slow trainwreck any better.
That little "HE said that, NOT us" caveat is absolutely pathetic. It just shows that they do get rattled when people mock them.

And technically, he didn't actually call him him a saboteur anyway:

“He may not intend it, but what he is doing is close to sabotage”.
Boiler wrote:'An' Xmas...? :roll:

Odd, isn't it. Most words starting with an 'x' are pronounced as 'z' yet in the alphabet we pronounce it as 'ex'. Mind you, Zmas sounds like a Marvel Comic's evil villain.

English, eh? It's amazing that it ever became the world's fave second language.
By davidjay
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:I always pronounce it as ‘Christmas’.
I pronounce it 'Winterval'.
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