Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
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KevS wrote:
Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:03 am
Private Eye reports that taking into consideration holidays, this was, in effect, the last Dacre penned front page (although looking at the splash regarding Boris this morning and how it's worded, I'd question that).
Interesting. Thanks. And here's today's front page for anyone who hasn't seen it:

By cycloon
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Such is the hold he and his chums' narratives have, not much can challenge it. The manouevering and self-interest is obscured by the tired old outrage-outrage binary.

Orwellian? Witch-hunt? Just think about the terms used on a front page, and then think about what is actually happening. The burkha is almost completely immaterial.
youngian wrote:
Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:12 pm
Looks like classic Mail bollocks. Not because Corbyn's too politically savvy to have avoided the Black September graves but the story smells of barrel scraping.
It better not be true, it should be noted that Black September had help

http://www.spiegel.de/international/ger ... 39467.html
The men who were arrested in the Munich house of former Waffen-SS member Charles Jochheim late on Oct. 27, 1972 were armed like soldiers on their way to the front. In one suitcase, police found three Kalashnikov automatic rifles, six magazines, 174 rounds of ammunition, two pistols, a revolver and six Belgian-made hand grenades.

The two men who were arrested were also carrying other weapons. Wolfgang Abramowski had weapons hidden in his waistband, while his accomplice, Willi Pohl, was carrying two pistols and a hand grenade, according to a Munich police investigative report.

A fellow member of a right-wing extremist splinter group calling itself the "National Socialist Fighting Group for a Greater Germany" had tipped off the police about Pohl and Abramowski. The two men allegedly planned to use the weapons to free a fellow extremist who was in prison, but investigators soon questioned whether this story was true.
By Abernathy
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youngian wrote:
Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:12 pm
Looks like classic Mail bollocks. Not because Corbyn's too politically savvy to have avoided the Black September graves but the story smells of barrel scraping.
I agree, it does seem a lot like barrell-scraping. However, it is undoubtedly a big part of Dacre's Drip. The accumulation of stories about Corbyn's past associations and liaisons with dubious characters, terrorists, racists and anti-semites, of which there seems to be an endless seam to be mined, is undoubtedly having an effect on the general public's perception of Corbyn, and more importantly, of his suitability to be Prime Minister, both of which already started from a very low position and see him stubbornly anchored at an opinion poll rating that sees him consistently in third place as best PM behind May and "Don't Know".

And yes, of course it's the nasty old right-wing mainstream media gunning for a Labour leader, but you really can't pretend to be surprised in any way about that - it is absolutely par for the course.

The anti-semitism farrago has now been running for roughly two years, thanks principally not to hostile media coverage, but to Corbyn's complete and abject failure to get to grips with the issue and take meaningful action to neutralise it as a negative for the party, and it shows every sign of not running out of legs any time soon.

All of which means that the negative public perception of Corbyn as party leader leads inevitably to a poor perception of the party generally, and easily explains the party's dismal failure to gain any sort of consistent lead against the most appalling Tory government in living memory.

In my view, it's very likely that a change of leader would turn Labour's fortunes around. However, this is impossible with The Cult on constant alert to kill any sniff of a challenge to the glorious leadership of Jezferatu.

And in the meantime, the Drip keeps on dripping.
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