Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
By bairy
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This thread is for when the headline and the story don't match, since Mail seems to be doing it quite frequently now.

Headline: Asian detective who won £250,000 in racism row wins ANOTHER payout from police
Story: The payout from yesterday's ruling could run into tens of thousands of pounds, adding to the £240,000 he has already received.

So which is it?
By JuanTwoThree
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Mail Headline:

'Immigrants here for good': Half of Poles plan to stay in UK

Story: Almost half of the million Polish immigrants now in Britain could stay permanently, a survey revealed yesterday. Researchers found that 15 per cent of those who had arrived here since the expansion of the EU in 2004 had decided to remain for good. A further 30 per cent are thinking about staying for the rest of their lives

What Reuters said:

WARSAW (Reuters) - About 15 percent of Poles living and working in England and Ireland do not want to return home, while 30 percent have not made up their minds, a study showed on Wednesday.

"plan to stay" is not "thinking about staying" which is subtly not "have not made up their minds".
By bairy
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Headline (paper): Fury at '£400,000 pay-off' for chief of hospitals where superbug killed 90
Headline (website): Minister blocks '£400,000 pay-off' for chief of hospitals where superbug killed 90

Trust sources last night confirmed that Miss Gibb has been promised a pay-off of 'more than £100,000'.

One source said she could be paid as much as £400,000.
Between £100,000 and £400,000 definitely equals £400,000.. well, it does so long as you put it in quotes.
By Killer Whale
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Headline: Anger over plan to dig up 350,000 bodies in historic London cemetery for Muslim burial site

Story: "a corner of the [redeveloped] cemetery would be reserved for Muslims"

Also worth noting: The story originally contained a quote from a local Muslim leader criticising the idea as disrespectful. This has been removed from the story.
By Citizen Smith
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The Asian lady set to wipe out British butterflies

A killer swarm of Asian ladybird could wipe out the UK's native ladybird species in a similar way as the grey squirrel eliminated the red squirrel, experts have warned.
A shockingly rhetorical headline designed to push the 'those damn asians are at it again' buttons of readers. Wait for the immigration control comments...
Also the story has very little to do with butterflies.
By Killer Whale
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cycloon wrote:Butterflies.


Tucked away halfway down the story (at about the point where most readers are getting bored and moving on to a different report):
The 7mm Asian insects are now also used in continental Europe to fight aphids, and feed on soft fruit, as well as other ladybirds, larvae, and butterfly eggs.
By Citizen Smith
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One of the things that the Asian ladybird feeds on is 'butterfly eggs'. Being a top predator of the insect world, I guess that's what they do. But don't let all that get in the way of a provocative headline. The key thing is that something 'Asian' is killing something British.

Veiled racial hatred if you ask me :(
By bairy
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Headline: Businessman arrested and held for EIGHT hours - for telling litter lout to pick up his rubbish

The Businessman said: "So I grabbed him by his coat and said I'm not letting you go until you pick it up."

Inspector Colin Michie said: "The action of taking hold of a person, be it physically by a part of their body or by their clothing can be construed as a common assault."

He wasn't arrested for telling the kid off, he was arrested for grabbing him.
By Raskolnikov
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Headline: So do YOU live next to a suburban skunk factory?

apparently it has nothing to do with mephitis mephitis 'cos i thought you'd know by the smell.

it is of course the infamous police don't do anything because of PC re Vietnamese gangs, but wait they are still investigating not printing irrelevant crap.

So if we are looking for a paedophile in the area we should print leaflets stating that a lot of child abusers are within the family so suspect tour relatives.
By bairy
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Headline: NHS nurses given power to end a life under controversial new guidelines

Story (according to the Mail): Nurses will be able to decide that a dying patient should not be resuscitated under controversial new guidelines.

Story (according to Classic FM news): It's been proposed that nurses may be given the power to decide not to resuscitate

Headline says nurses will be able to murder you.
Story says nurses might be able to make an informed decision to not resuscitate you, and then only if this idea passes.
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