Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
bluebellnutter wrote: Just fuck off you stupid, racist, blinkered, stupid, foul, unimaginative, dismal, pig-ignorant and mean-spirited (and stupid) cunts.
No Replicas Here, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
maybe he should go and watch blackpool
On about the level of Love Thy Neighbour, this one.

"He should support Blackpool, because he's black, hurr hurr".
Yes, there's no story that can't be turned into a Brexit comment.

Dog walker discovers bones of a mystery beast with a human-like spine and the body of a crocodile washed up on the beach

(Ignoring the eye-watering stupidity of the story) yields this...
A Breeze, Leeds, 19 minutes ago wrote:It's not a stay inner then !! It's got a spine !! OUT ! OUT !! OUT !!!
Am I the first to suggest that the Out position is not strongly correlated with having enough brains to negotiate an exit from a wet paper bag?
This ones a little bit special simply because it completely contradicts the premise if the article.

Why do planes crash? Expert explains five most common reasons for airliner disasters, and only one in ten are caused by terrorism
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ ... orism.html

ac-dc-guy, Minnesota, United States, 22 minutes ago
#1. M.us.lims..
+26 -12
I like how they've taken to self-censoring the word "Muslim(s)" in these comments, as though otherwise they think nobody will see their racism
I think it's because, in their wonderfully deluded heads, they think they'll fall foul of some dastardly profanity-checker or PC-inducing program that watches out for any trigger words and reports them to the thought police. Not noticing that the papers they read and comment on basically churn out the same rubbish, albeit with better vocabulary and grammar.
Can you tell what animal is hiding in this photo? Sneaky creature partially buried under the sand to AMBUSH its prey is almost impossible to spot
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -spot.html

non PC, Mar Menor, Spain, 11 minutes ago
It voted to " Remain" and is now hiding from the immigrants !
+21 -1
tonywarks, warwick, United Kingdom, 13 minutes ago
It's an immigrant waiting to pounce on a ferry.
+16 -3
And the way they randomly capitalise words in headlines pisses me off way more than it should!
mattomac wrote:Non PC living in Spain commenting about Remain voters.... Are they that thick?
And if (s)he lives in Spain, just who are the Immigrants they are hiding from ????
mattomac wrote:Non PC living in Spain commenting about Remain voters.... Are they that thick?
You must have heard all those radio interviews with residents of Bennydawm rattling on about immigrants and sovereignty. "Thick" barely begins to cover it.
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