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pbbroon, glasgow

Why don't they speak much English been here over 20 yes make a effort

Historically, first generation immigrants have found it difficult to integrate because of the racism they have faced when they try to venture out of their communities. Only the experience of school allows subsequent generations the confidence to move outwards.
Arnold wrote:And of course all British migrants in Spain speak fluent Spanish.
You mean that obscure dialect that goes "Oi Manuel, where's me chips?!"
Good for her, and good on her parents for giving her strong motivation and the desire to excel! Far better than the usual brain dead celebrity trash on here.
So far 669 people have voted this down. It's PC gorn mad if they get on and immigrant scrounging if they don't.
Bacon Mc-NUFFIN! Fast food fans go into meltdown after dozens of McDonald's restaurants across the UK run out of pork
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... tdown.html

I think you can guess where this is going:

silversurferfrances, Ashford near Staines, United Kingdom, 2 minutes ago
I think we know the real reason why they are not serving pork.
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Macavity - Ex Pat, Dandong, China, 3 minutes ago
Is this another dastardly plot by I S I S
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null, about a minute ago
I can guess what is going on, boycott is needed,
phil1959, Fleetwood, United Kingdom, moments ago
is it the anti bacon brigade at it again?
Lud, Wirral, United Kingdom, moments ago
To cater for a certain minority ???

Then a really weird dig at millennials?
tzeddie, Norf of the border., United Kingdom, 2 minutes ago
You might need to elaborate a little for the millenials DM. Most dont know bacon is pork or the fact pork is pig meat. Sad. But true.
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Most millennials don't know pork is pig meat? Huh? Is that even a thing?
That's an unsubtle dog-whistle even for the Mail. Substituting 'bacon' for 'pork' makes is borderline nonsensical. Who the hell asks for a McPork roll with brown sauce? The plausible deniability of the drip-feed that we saw at Leveson is wearing pretty thin.
It’s hitting the Home Counties hard, too. Ocado have ‘sold out’ of pulled pork patties, the alliterative alimentation appeasement applies.
Seems to be that bacon is seen as a "manly" food. But the amount of morons thinking it's somehow Muslim kryptonite is bewildering.
Imagine spending Christmas day with them? Main topic of conversation would inevitably revolve around how we need to "make the most of it" and any sign of Christmas cheer would be quickly shut down with a reminder of how "it might be the last time we can say Merry Christmas" etc.

Fucking hell, how depressing. My Christmas day a couple of weeks after my dad died was probably more fun than a day spent with that lot.
Mysterious 2,000-year-old rock art of mythical beasts and ancient rituals in Venezuela is revealed in unprecedented detail
The engravings, known as petroglyphs, are believed to have been created around 2,000 years ago
Researchers have mapped the petroglyphs in the Atures Rapids area of Amazonas state in Venezuela
The largest panel is 304 square metres, and contains at least 93 individual engravings
Another engraving of a horned snake measures more than 30 metres in length
Researchers hope their study will shed new light into their archaeological and ethnographic context

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ ... n-art.html
Capitalideaoldbean, Saint Petersburg FL, United States

A society that made art that has lasted three thousand years and now they can't even feed their people. Communism.
Forget hygge! Why gluggaveður, fjaka, peiskos and sambo are the new trends you MUST know in 2018 (and how to pronounce them correctly)
Annie Scott, Bognor Regis, United Kingdom, 37 minutes ago

Benefits, pronounced benny-fits. An English (orig. Latin) word which means 'a system whereby ordinary people struggle to pay compulsory taxes so that others can enjoy a comfortable life without having to bother to work or pay attention at school'.
Skint But Happy, Southend-on-Sea, 1 hour ago

British - Dole - the feeling of never having to do any work, secure in the knowledge that total strangers will pay for everything you need.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/artic ... z5DrO2yTwd
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