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Listening to BBC Radio Suffolk where they played a clip of a lady calling into their breakfast show explaining the difficulties she has finding appropriate parking spaces when she has to drive her handicapped son around.

Obviously there has to be enough clearance to get the wheelchair in and out and there were a couple of notices requesting this. To be fair sometimes people don't see this, and she explained that sometimes they have had no option but to wait for the other driver to return. One time, the other driver returns, and on being told why this lady and her son are waiting, offers no apology, but points at the child in the wheelchair and says "That is not my problem."
This might be a long one. It could probably fit into "Do you know what I hate", but this thread seems a better fit.

I spent entirely too much time today in the company of the local Environmental Health Officer, and his line manager, assisting in a search for a non-existent rodent infestation. It was stressful, unpleasant and quite ruined my morning. And that's fine. That's that man's job, and it's a perfectly good and necessary job, that saves lives. And he gave me a full clean bill of health, and apologised for wasting my time. So the behaviour isn't his.

Instead, it's the fucking bollocks of a woman who lives up the street from my work. Having convinced herself she'd seen a rat in her garden, she immediately lit upon the restaurant bins as the source, and has to date registered 10 separate complaints in this regard. She's also climbed the wall to take photos of supposed "bad practice", berated the bin men for emptying the bins wrong.

Now, this rat.

Firstly, it was dead, and being played with by her cat. Which hardly speaks to where it came from. Cats will drag dead stuff for miles.
She lives backing onto a forest, with a river in it, and 500 yards from the sea.
There's a really, really lively clan of grey squirrels around there, and she's not exactly David Attenborough.

More importantly, though. This rat appeared just after she'd been politely, but firmly told to settle up her accounts, as she habitually would leave in a hurry with a "I'll get you next time, it's only £5". It was running toward £100.

This fits in with a pattern of petty, vindictive behaviour that would boggle the mind.

*Will take her car out of her garage to park on the street on Saturday night/Sunday morning so no one parks out on "her" street when going to any of the town's churches.
*Repeated noise complaints about the local pub which is a: not very loud, b: closed at 2230 most of the week and c: was fucking there when she moved in. She's also called the cops more than once about suspected lock-ins.
*Finding that her post was arriving too late for her liking, she complained to Royal Mail. As the Postie was late because he called in on all the local elderly, did wee shop runs for them, sometimes even cooked their meals, the postmaster didn't pursue it. Later she complained that he'd deliberately misdelivered post. He'd run parcels to nearby workplaces of people who were out rather than leave a red card.
*A tourist couple and their baby had the temerity to park their car where she wanted to park outside the supermarket. When the wife went in the shop, and the husband stood outside the car to make a phone call, she took a picture of the "abandoned" child and rooted them to Social Services.*

And that's a mere selection from the greatest hits.

*Same girl will tell her kid to hang out in local cafes etc if she's not about after school, giving him a note saying she'll settle up when she collects him.
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Brief update. She's had a personal visit from the top dog in the EHO. Pretty much, stop wasting their time, it's all getting a bit harass-y, boy who cried wolf etc.

Absolutely awful human being.
MisterMuncher wrote:
Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:52 pm
*Repeated noise complaints about the local pub which is a: not very loud, b: closed at 2230 most of the week and c: was fucking there when she moved in. She's also called the cops more than once about suspected lock-ins.
Sounds like some of my neighbours, especially this bit... I know people who complain about a leisure centre that was there for years before they moved in. It doesn't bother anyone else living nearby, it's not excessively noisy, it was always mentioned as a perk of the area by estate agents trying to sell houses here, and it is clearly visible to anyone viewing a house, but a few people only seem to realise it is there after they move in (they genuinely seemed surprised by it!) and then go on to complain about it.
Ran into same lady the other day, frantically "shushing" my wee lad in the library, despite the fact a: beyond the footfalls, he wasn't actually making any noise, Ronan being a past master of keeping the mischief on the downlow and b: she was wearing a pair of full, over-the-ear headphones.

I decided to test how much it was really annoying her by telling her to go fuck herself. Not that much, as it turns out.
Mother, 53, hauled to court over 'rude' gesture that turned out to be yoga after neighbours at her seaside home accused the designer of harassment

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... sment.html
But when Mrs Jacklin, 53, appeared before Hastings magistrates, the court took less than 15 minutes to throw the case out, to the relief of the mother-of-two and her children.
Brilliant result, although there is a small part of me that hopes she did deliberately raise a middle finger.
Holiday company Saga criticised for advertising cruise ‘exclusively for Brits’

A holiday company has been criticised for sending out a brochure advertising a cruise “exclusively for Brits”.

Saga, which offers insurance and trips for the over 50s, has apologised after one customer said they were “outraged” by the promotion.

Anthony Bale tweeted a picture of the ad, which features the slogan: “Exclusively for Brits. Exclusively adults only. Exclusively for over-50s.”
Were that real, that'd be right for Toorak...

Note for the unfamiliar - what we once called "Chelsea Tractors" are called "Toorak Tractors" by the inhabitants of Melbourne.
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