Discussion of the more serious side of the Mail's agenda
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Mail writes another article linking MMR and autism.
Geezer discusses the stupidity of this with halfwit journalist.
Journalist threatens action for libel...

Now that's a chilling effect™

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By Fozzy
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Sue Reid comes over as staggeringly stupid and wholly incapable of anything that requires sustained thought. As such, she is well placed as a DM journalist. I must say as soon as she came out with that woo about Big Pharma she also demonstrated herself as batshit mental - and accusing the writer of being motivated by financial interests was infinitely more offensive than his carefully argued and polite emails. She also has no understanding whatsoever about the law of libel, which is a bit dangerous when you're a journalist.
By PaulOnBooks
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Just had a quick browse through Sue Reid's DM articles. Nasty, sly, misleading guff that will be lapped up by the average Mail reader bereft of critical faculties and human decency.
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By gonzo99uk
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Silkyman wrote:Reading that DM article and the comments has made me feel a bit sick.
I know what you mean, but one of the comments from the blog helped me realise that all is not lost.

If only Daily Mail 'Journalists' like Sue Reid would aspire to being a tenth as good at thoughtful communication.

Comment reprinted in full below because I think it deserves wider readership...

Loxigirl said,
June 23, 2012 at 10:00 pm
I am not living a “living death,” Ms. Reid. And if any of my friends at or below my functioning level with more limited communication are in a living death, I would wager heavily that it is more the result of ignorant people such as yourself than of autism itself.

People who assume that because we are different we are incapable do us no favors, whether those people are are our parents, community members, or ignorant “journalists”.

If we do not connect like you or in a manner you recognize, that does not mean we can not connect. If we do not communicate as you do, that does not mean we are incapable of communication. If we do not think like you, that does not make us wrong, but different.

I have a friend, who is only slightly lower functioning than I, but is non-verbal. When he and I are alone, he’ll use whatever pictures are available and some gesturing to communicate with me. He’ll cook, help with household chores, joke around, and is generally communicative, fun, and capable of everything I am short of communicating with written or spoken words. When his family is around, he sits in a corner and rocks. Why? 20 years of ignoring his gesturing and use of pictures and treating him as though he’s stupid or can’t understand them have beaten him down. He’s given up on trying to establish contact with them, because they are so convinced it is a tragedy that they refuse to realize what he is capable of. The only tragedy of autism that I know of is the one where parents are so caught up in the child they’ve supposedly lost to appreciate the one they have, so fixated on the supposed cause or cures that they neglect anything that might help their child live the best life they can with the neurology they have.

I was incredibly lucky, despite being low functioning, I am capable of fairly good written communication and some basic verbal communication. I have been able to advocate for myself. Many of my friends are not as fortunate, their primary form of communication is ignored as invalid, and many have parents who think that their supposed tragic loss of a child that perhaps never even existed surpasses the needs of the child they have.

I am not a tragedy, and neither are my friends. We are not “trapped” in “living death” but are fully capable of living happy lives when treated with the dignity of human beings instead of as some sort of unfortunate reminders of the children you wished for.
By Safe_Timber_Man
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Article about the two Castro brothers who've been released. (Cleveland kidnapping case)

Absolutely loads of these. How is this allowed? Is it because it's in another country? Isn't this exactly the type of thing you can get sued for?

They're lying. They had something to do with this.
- Max Wilson , Dallas, 13/5/2013 17:42
These creeps belong in prison.
- philipthemholes , San Francisco, United States
Listen carefully: these two are lying when they say they knew nothing.
- tim0202 , Duluth
By Daley Mayle
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Malcolm Armsteen wrote:Whoa!
Mail writes another article linking MMR and autism.
Geezer discusses the stupidity of this with halfwit journalist.
Journalist threatens action for libel...

Now that's a chilling effect™

http://jdc325.wordpress.com/2012/06/23/ ... aily-mail/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
That would be a case worth going to court and watch a DM hack trying to prove she was defamed by someone politely pointing out her twisting of facts.
By youngian
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satnav wrote:This headline has brightened up a dull day.

Daily Mail payout to Sally Morgan over psychic 'scam' article


A payout of £125,000. I bet they didn't see that coming!
I almost sympathised with the Daily Mail but how piss poor is your reporting when you can't win a libel case against a Victorian musical hall huckster?

Although it is worth questioning whether anyone who thinks a so called psychic's reputation can possibly be lowered is in fact a right-minded person.

Perhaps psychic Sally knows that Mail readers are a key demographic for this kind of mumbo-jumbo (type 'Uri' into the Mail search engine) so it would be tricky for the Mail lawyers to argue that point.
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By Daley Mayle
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They accused her of having information about the audience fed to her via an ear piece. Mind you, I reckon I could do a reasonable job by asking the audience whether anyone there had known someone who has passed over called John... or could be James... or Joyce, ah, thank you ma'am!
By Andy McDandy
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I know plenty of people who have gone to 'psychic' evenings, and are stone cold sceptics. For them, it's about seeing a performer work the room, the same as you would with a stage magician. As said here, the issue is not with calling her a fraud, but by saying she was gathering information in a specific way.

On that note though, I should add that I find 'psychics' for the most part reprehensible, as all too often they target people who are bereaved or are otherwise vulnerable.

The Mail (and other newspapers) usually lap this sort of stuff up. Psychic hotlines, credulous 'supernatural' stories, and lumping in sceptics with the rest of the 'sinister left wing atheists' is par for the course. Indeed, it's not uncommon for the resident astrologer on a tabloid to be one of its highest earning employees (albeit aided by revenues from the premium rate phone lines as well as their basic fee).
By youngian
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In libel the burden of proof is on the defendant.

A classic case from the 50s is of Liberance winning a case against the Daily Mirror for hinting he is a homosexual by describing him as a:
winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavored, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love

The Mirror did not actually have any proof Liberance was gay!
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